Monday, December 31, 2012

Danny Brown: The Fatherama Artist of the YEAR (2012...)

Myyyyy Ninga!!!! I can dig that 2012 was the year of Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chains, Trinidad James and ASAP, b/u/t I contest that the brother Brown can actually spit iller than ALL the above named artists.....DIGGUMZ!!!! With that said the Fatherama knows artist of the year goes to Danny Brown!!!! True, he's a ugly ass nigguh....b/u/t he don't rock no dresses and he's comin thru str8 different!!! I know KY nigguhz ain't hip to dude like that but hey so WHAT lol!!!! Glad to see the 30 and over cats gettin busy one time 30 was rap retirement age!!!! Now many MC's create their best bodies of work around that age....WOW!!!! Anywayz, check the D Technology!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahhahaah!!!!)

A Guy Called Gerald - Bboy 80's hip hop mix

Yo this shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii gurrglin is a str8 up B-Boy flashback!!!! Dumb records I haven't heard since my child hood in the wild hoodz lol!!!! Cold space cowboy type shit mane......DIGGUMZ!!!! Maybe not to fly for my young ningas, b/u/t my older gods know what this is!!!!! Nice Mantronix/Just-Ice type shiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!! lol!!! Check the OG Technology!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)
A Guy Called Gerald Bboy 80's hip hop by A Guy Called Gerald

Jean Grae - Dust Ruffle

ooooooooooooh yeeeeeeeeh!!!! MORE GOOD DUST JOINTS FROM JEANIE!!!!-fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

Royal Illness - Take The Sun Away (produced by Dr.Gonzo)

Yoooooooooooo, peep the mystical street scientific flyness from my comrade Royal Illness!!!! This is steamin deluxe illery for the real heads still floatin in the midst of this physical existence!!!! DIGGUMZ!!!! Knowledge the technology and leave a You Tube like or summin my ninga!!!!-Fatherama(HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAH!!!!)

Sadat X - Interview

What's the Gurrglinz?!!!! Yo check this ILL Dotty X video where he's speakin on his new album (which is DOPE THAN A MF!!!!!) and droppin the Science of rap!!!! At the 2:33 mark I would almost swear he's talkin about Action Bronson B/U/T pardon self for my interpretation of the god's wisdom!!!! DIGGUMZ!!! Priceless Interview nonetheless and the jewels are iced down and heavy my ninga!!!! Check the O.G. God Body Tech!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahhahahahahah!!!)

Tragedy Khadafi - Interview

A Dope interview from the Intelligent Hoodlum himself speakin on everything from Kendrick Lamar, to CNN, to his upcoming album!!!! Trag is gurrglin str8 realism in this set and the word is he's got some upcoming work wid some Kentucky underground cats comin' up!!! Tragedy is that dude on some elder gangsta statesmen shit wid crushed jewels sprinkled all thru the literature!!!!! DIGGUMZ!!!! Check the QB QB Tech!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!)


DJ Premier - Live From HeadQCourterz ft. Masta Killa

Of course this is more of the DOPENESS we have come to expect from the Grandmaster DJ Premier and the good people at LFHQ!!!!! Str8 flyness featuring special studio guest Masta Killa of Wu-Tang Clan!!! Check the Premo Technology wid all the newskis on the illery!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahaha!!!!)                                                                                                    


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sampling Soul (Nas Documentary/Class)

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!! A fuckin class about NAS ILLMATIC!!!! DIGGUMZ!!!! Plus 9th Wonder is one of the panelist!!! Real fly angle!!!! Plus they took it back to the pre-You Tube era to the Video Jupebox era lol!!!! YEP!!! Check the collegiate tech!!!-FATHERAMA (hahahahaahahahahahah!!!!)                        

Scratch (Documentary)

My ninga!!!!! If your not turned on to "Scratch" the documentary then u are sleeping on the definitive documentary on DJin' in Hip Hop!!! Check the tech and knowledge the foundation AND cornerstone of the art!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!)

Husalah and The Jacka - The Shower Posse - Out There Mind

This is that old turf sound that's gurrglin out on the west side!!! If u ain't hip to that Jack artist shit then u have missed dumb albumz!!!! Dude STAYS workin!!!! DIGGUMZ!!! Here's a joint that I missed that I'm diggin on, str8 ism sprinklin by the muslim bredren Hus-Allah and the Jacka!!! WORD, check the West Coast Technology!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahaha!!!!)        
   Here's a ill bonus from The Jacka ft. Blanco and Freeway!!!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

CETO Ft. Jay Electronica – Hail Mary (Souljah Slim)

WHAT'S GURRGLIN? Here's some ill newness from from the brother J Elect!!!! Now I here the 5150 drop in there and I know that's Criminal Manne's record label......That's funny Jay Electronica and Criminal Manne, B/U/T I can dig it on some str8 real nigguhz puttin they mind together type shit!!!! DIGGUMZ!!!! I love the way him and Ceto flipped that old Souljah Slim shit into some 2012 illery!!! YEP!!! Check the technology but uuuuuuh, brother J YOU NEED TO COME WID THAT LP MY NINGA!!!!! -fatherama (HAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHHA!!!!)

Geto Boys Coming To Kentucky!

Yooooooo...What the gurrglenomics? Remember where u heard it first, by popular demand the Geto Boys will be in Louisville March 2nd performing all the classics that got mad nigguhz stomped out in the 90's at House Parties, Robbens Roost, Broadway Roller Rink, and various other Guntucky landmarks!!!! WORD!!! So u know I gotta promote and go hard at that joint because alot of them knuckle hedz and genuine old school damn fools are my core audience and I wouldn't have it ANY OTHER WAY!!!! The history on the GB in Louisville is stupid rich, down to the fact that the ONLY radio station in the ENTIRE COUNTRY that they shouted out on the "We Can't Be Stopped" was WLOU which is a AM radio station here in Louisville that played so called "urban" music. DIGGUMZ!!!! Plus the fact that one of the first shows outside of that TX area by the Geto Boys was actually at Broadway Roller Rink (R.I.P.)!!!! Well anyways check the technology, AND I need to do a song wid Willie D while he's in town (Bigaveli get at me!!!!)- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!)

Friday, December 28, 2012

DJ Real - Real Audio Ep. 16 (mix cd)

Dope new mix from DJ Real on that str8 Hip Hop Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! DIGGUMZ!!!! I'm really not to much of a hipster on dude b/u/t he got that QUALITY shit on there my ninga!!!! Check the technology!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahhahahahahahah!!!!)                                                     

Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by
OH YEH, and here's the list from DJ Real
EP 16 of my Ustream show. send an email to to subscribe! Tracklist: 1.Intro 016 2.Get Together (Ft. Rapsody) – Murs & 9th Wonder 3.Six Directions Of Boxing – Wu-Tang Clan 4.Drug Wars – Double AB & Dub Sonata 5.Make The Sound (Ft. Rhymefest) - MASK 6.Change – Danny Brown 7.Give Me Room – Martha Knuckles 8.Modern Day Revelations (Ft. Roc Marciano) - Action Bronson 9.Compton (Ft. Dr. Dre) – Kendrick Lamar 10.Give It Up – Skyzoo 11.Break One (Let It Go) 12.Wake Up! (Ft. Julian Malone) - Fonz-E Mak 13.Sylvester Lundgren (Ft. Meyhem Lauren) - Action Bronson 14.Pyrex – Sean Price 15.6 Battles – Math Hoffa 16.The Future - Torae 17.Play Dirty – Lil Fame & Termanology 18.Thread Count – Roc Marciano 19.Ask About Me – Geechi Suede 20.Just Music – Sean Price 21.The Myth - Styles P 22.Outro 016

Smoke (of Field Mob) – K.A.N.G. [Mixtape]

First off FREE my comrade Shawn Jay (period) of Field Mob who is one of the realest you can ever collab wid in this slime ball game!!!! One of my brothers who truly fux wid underground nigguhz!!! He really had me and my young bredren Dirtyest Moneyest (then known as P-Dirty) in the lab doin guest appearances for F/R/E/E/ on some real nigguh shit!!!! Well anyways, here's the street album from his SUPER ILL TALENTED ASS lyricist partner in rhyme Smoke of Field Mob!!!! Dude is one of the unsung TOP spittas from the Dirty Dirty and I'm for sure this won't be a let down but a bad nigguh get down. DIIIIIIIIGGUMZ!!!! Check the countryfied technology!!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahhahahahahaha!!!!) 



Chubby Jag (Larsiny Family) – Worst Nightmare (Meek Mill Diss)

It ain't no fun if the homies can't have none!!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahaha!!!!)

Krazy Drayz - Two TurnTables/Put Em Up - FT. Dres ( Black Sheep) / Black Rob / DJ RonDevu

YOOOOOOOOOOOOO....Str8 up....I APOLOGIZE for sleepin on THIS joint!!!! This shit is cold ass Hip Hop performed RIGHT and EXACT!!!! The nigguh Drayz even snuck in a couple of iggidy biggidyz lol!!!! The featurings are only video cameos, B/U/T both recordz are STILL non-bum bananas!!! DIGGUMZ!!! Check the technology on the Das EFX 2012 style!!!!-fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)                                                                                           


Paragon - The Truth (AspeQt Remix)

What's gurrglin King!!!? Here is a new dumb fly visual/song from my comrade bredren P and the good peoples at E-Double Ent./The Explicit Game family!!! The brother drops crushed jewels all thru the record and the ill visuals are worth a million words!!!! This is a boppa off toppa and I'm lookin forward to puttin ears on the album!!! DIGGUMZ!!! I just did a gig with this cat a month or so ago and he worked the crowd and tore it it was ill seein the breakers go in off of his joint while DJ Killer in the Cut was mixin and pullin back the wax....OWWWWWW!!!! So anyways familation check the technology and get touchy feely on the aura!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahhahaha!!!!)                                              

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Raekwon – Neither One of Us Freestyle

Fly Darts on the smooth tip from bredren Rae!!!! DIGGUMZ!!!! THE Technology is ice water wid no nuggets my ninga!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahaahahahahaha!!!!!)

Goondox (PMD, Sean Strange & Snowgoons) ft. Smoothe Da Hustler, & N.O. The God – Bang Out

Str8 Hardbody shiiiiiiiii from some of my O.G. favorites!!!!! Even tho PMD is the ONLY nigguh I can think of in the game to ever give me a fake #!!!! Hey, the behind the scenes footage in the game is hilarious lol!!!! Definitely makes me understand why his career is at the point of development it is currently at (HELLO BRUV!!!!), b/u/t it's still BIG respects, no hard feelins!!!! lol!!! Check the visual technology on the fresh flickumz!!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahaha!!!!)


Ummmmmm.....Like I said yesterday, Buck is workin harder from a cell than some of you rappers in the street!!!! DIGGUMZ!!!! Here's more proof!!!! Check what's Gurrglin on the technology!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahhahahahah!!!!)

DJ Green Lantern - Altitude Mix

PEACE to my universal famo!!!!Here's a fly new mix from DJ Green Lantern!!!! I know most of yall probably don't even realize that dude is deadly on the tables b/u/t he's murderous on the beats too!!!! The only reason I'm hip to the gurrgulationz is when my G Native was signed to Blackground records he had a RETARDED CD of Green Lantern beats that he got from humblingly spectac! to say the least!!!! DIGGGYDIGGUMZ!!! On this joint he fuses his DJ skillz and production skillz together to bring you the ill ass Altitude Mix!!!! Str8 sunnin DJ's down!!!! Plus for my MC ningaz you can throw this in and spit for a hour my G!!!! WORD!!! Check the technology and bite back!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahhahahahahahahahah!!!!)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Meek Mill – Repo (Cassidy Diss)

WOW!!!! UM.....I think we just seen the young bwoy Mill get baited!!!! I like dudes flow b/u/t he just really talked about what he got. I like his spirit even, but mark the words of Fatherama....he got set up!!!! I think the brother Cas is gonna get his relevency card reinstated off dude!!!! Tisk, Tisk!!!! You gotta use ur mind, THEN rap. That's all. Tell me what do u think THEN my ninga!!!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

Strange Tang - No Worries

Hey yo!!!! Here is new flyness from the good peoples known as Strange Tang!!!! These brothers stay DUMB creative and stay meshin' together musical styles and bitch smackin boundaries!!!! DIGGUMZ!!! Having seen more than the fair share of tragedy and triumph over the last couple of years, the Strange ones have returned wid a dark b/u/t uplifting real life track!!! Str8 sincerity my ninga!!!! WORD!!!! I'm vibin on the gurragulationz and I'd advice you check the tech!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahaahhaahahaha!!!) Here's the link to fuck wid the album too!!!!

The GZA on a science show?

WOW!!! Check the Technology for REAL!!!! DIGGUMZ Bruv!!! The power of Hip Hop is UNLIMITED!!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

Uptown XO - RUGGED

Gotta say thank you to Sister Taj (Revolutionary Baby Mama)in ATL for turnin me on to Uptown X.O. a few years back!!!! All I can say about THIS is DAMN and get hip quick....this shit is ill and dumb different!!! Ewwww!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahha!!!!)

Hip Hop Sh*t I DESPISE!!!! #1 by Fatherama

Yoooooooooo what's gurrglin my ningaz? In recent days I decided to have an addition to my blog called "Hip Hop Sh*t I DESPISE!!!!" to talk about just that......str8 up to the piggidy ya DIGGUMZ!!!! Why not start it off with a brother I really admire and keep it 100 B4 I even go in shittin on lames.....Jay Electronica!!!! WTF is up with the I dare a nigguh shit on Frenchie type shit? C'mon god, I already know and bare witness that the behind the scenes footage to the industry is surprising as far as who ur allies are behind closed doors....but myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy BROTHER.....Frencho is WACK!!!! I already know more of the brother's (true) history than I care to know and I realize that he got most of his connects and plugs from being the cat behind the "Cocaine City" DVD series, B/U/T fuck outta here family!!!! ALL that street shit and all that DVD shit don't make you fit to be a MC!!!! DIGGUMZ!!!! The cat's whole wave is WACKISM bruv!!!! I'm not tryin to pick NO man's friends (or enemies for that matter) B/U/T atleast save the fuckin public outcries for wack ass rapper dudes!!!! Do that for us...the humble consumers STILL waitin for your fuckin album while you travel the world and fuck Caucasian, blue blood chicks instead of giving us the fuckin CD we've been waitin on.......ATLEAST A VIDEO MY NINGA!!!!! For all the ASAP Rocky/2 Chains/French Montana ass rap we have to suffer thru each day the LEAST u could do is when u make the news for this bullshit you've been makin the news for, is ATLEAST attach a MP3 god!!!! The jewel is don't make it look like your sellin out B4 u get the opportunity to officially buy in. Remember the records and the way of life you advocated that got u signed and got us all waitin (?) years for your joint!!!! This ain't the way the people want to cee you get down, lord!!! I understand fully that a man has many allies and friendships in all walks of life, b/u/t/ FUCK OUTTA HERE wid that Frenchie shit family!!! Let him, 50, Ross and the REST of them cats do THEIR thing and stick to buildin YOUR lane brother.....that's what THE PEOPLE WANT god!!!!-FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahahah!!!!)

OH, and here are the tweets from Jay Electronica!!!!woooooooooooooooooow!!!!!

 Although he does not view Montana as the most lyrical emcee, Jay Elect applauded the rapper’s flashy persona. “Truth be told French Montana is not a lyricall n*gga but he got that Birdman swagg. Its the magnolia in me,” he tweeted December 25th. “So I f*x w frenchy but for not for the raps for the swag” “Ps, I dare 50 to say one word!!!” “50 where you at you sneak instagram a** n*hgga. I seen ya sh*t!! What’s good. Ricky rozzay LL cool jayd that a**” “Hhahahahhahhaahhaa I’m laughin at thjese n*ggas” (Jay Electronica’s Twitter)

Jean Grae – HO X 3. A Christmas Thingy

A new joint from the extremely sexxxy south side "A" chick!!!! Not ATL my ninga, I'm talkin about South Africa FOOL!!!! B/U/T that's another story!!!! You know I got a song dedicated to Jeanie put up produced by the illustrious D.R.U.G.S. Beats put up for this summer too my G!!!! The winter is cold but er'body need some Jean to warm em down BABY!!!! DIGGUMZ!!! Peep the ravishing technology from Ms.Grae!!!! ps. Jeanie C'Mon wid that album Boo Boo!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahha!!!) 

Young Buck - Welcome 2 Cashville [Mixtape]

Big S/O to the brother Young Buck who is currently incarcerated and STILL grindin harder than some of you brothers on the street!!!! DIGGUMZ!!!! A lil industry birdie just told me that brother Fif' just FINALLY let Buck out his contract.....GOOD SHIT!!!! G-Unit game is str8 hardball my ninga!!!!! But anywayz compadre, here's a download of the new Buckavelli, check the t-t-t-tech!!!!-FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahhaa!!!)

DJ Red Alert x Funkmaster Flex - 5 Hour Christmas Mix

What's gurrglin my ningaz? For those of us not privileged enough to currently reside in the New York area, here is the 5 hour Christmas (I celebrated Malcolm X-Mass my G!!!!)Mix off of Hot 97!!!! They always go in on this shit.....classics, breaks, all that Sun Sun!!!! Plus droppin dumb jewelz about Bushwick Bill snatchin chains back in the day in NYC to Mantronix's "Fresh Is The Word" by Mantronix.....PRICELESS!!!!! Check the foundation of modern tech compadre!!!!-FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Skillz - 2012 Rap Up

Skillz does it again.......B/U/T this time wid a SOUTHERN swizzle swag!!!! I Get It!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahah!!!!!)

Wale ft. Scarface – Limitless (Prod. by Jake One)

I haven't really bopped wid the brother Wale much since Nike Boots b/u/t fuck it I'm not Anti!!!! I had to give it some rotation though because he played the Uncle Face card!!!! DIGGUMZ!!!!! The beat is on some funky soul that Dionne Warwick? Nice flip white boy Jake lol....I fux wid dude!!!! The real technology is I will always support Face because he was the first major artist to take a interest in me as a MC back in the 90's!!! WORD!!!!! Loooooong story, it didn't work out b/u/t not due to Face although the jewels were priceless in my development!!!! Anyways, check the gurrgulatoid frequency and tell me the bizo!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahah!!!!)                     

Father Jah and Shon D. - D.R.U.G.S. Dedication (Freestyle)

What's the gurrglinz my ninga? Here's a Extra FLY freestyle from Fatherama and the brother Dillz freakin the white chick Iggy Azalea's DRUGS track. She's actually nice.....b/u/t does she have a producer named DRUGS? Fuck outta here my ninga there's only ONE D.R.U.G.S Beats and that's my homie DIGGUMZ!!!! WORD!!! I'm for sure you've heard his work for 50 Cent, Ludacris, Father Jah, Donnie McFly, Young Dro, The 5ive, Big Boi, Homeboy Sandman, Mike Flo, and THE FUCKIN LIST GOES ON FOOL!!!! Yep!!!!! So straight like that let's clear up any illusions and confunsions because SHIT it confused me lol!!!! So check the technology dedicated to MY NIGGUH D.R.U.G.S. Beats!!!! Happy Buy Ya Kids Some Toys Day my ninga.....cee I just speak it and keep it OFFICIAL!!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!)

Ludacris, Pusha T & Swizz Beatz – Tell Me What They Mad For

Ludacris finally bangs out the complete track to the Infamous new Pusha T issued Smacketh Downeth on Lil Wayne and Baby!!!! Hey, WHY NOT!!!! Fuck em YAY Fuck em YAY type shit!!!! DIGGUMZ!!!! Check the Technology and let ya ninga know if it's crucial!!!!-FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Tribe Called Quest ft. De La Soul, Black Sheep & L.O.N.S. - Scenario (Demo 2) (Unreleased, 1991)

A jewel for all my Native Tongue Heads (I'm Guilty!!!!)- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahha!!!)

Krumb Snatcha ft. Nine - ANIMAL

Cold hard animal shit gurrglin from my comrade Krumb ft. Nine Double M the Gat (throwback nigguhz dig me!!!) whowas the ORIGINAL DMX gruff flowin cat....WORD!!! This joint is str8 fire on some raw illery soundwave technology!!!! DIGGUMZ!!! Clean out the rust in ya ear canalz and check the Technology!!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAAH!!!)

Planet Asia – GiftRap Medallions (Video)

Straight Godly, Gift Wrapped, Gansterism by the Planet overtop that old De'Angelo shit!!! Fly Sunday vibe. DIGGUMZ!!! I fux wid yhat GCM (GoldChainMalitia) shit all day my ninga!!!! WORD!!! And he sprinkled the dumb thick misses in the visual too!!! YEP!!! Do the 1 to this and peep the technology!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahhahaha!!!!)

Allen Poe ft Fontaine - Happiness

What the Tech my ningas? Here's the fly new single from Allen Poe ft. Allen Poe produced by DJ Element of Brown Bag All Stars!!!! Cool laid back but mid-tempo bop wid that snap on it. What is UNITY and HAPPINESS Muthafucka!!! lol!!! Check the ill tech and DIGGUMZ on the vibratory freak!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahaah!!!)

The Freshest Kids: A History Of The B-Boy

What's Gurrglin familation? Yo, let the Fatheramatron turn u on to one of THE greatest unsung Hip Hop Documentary ever!!!! If u MC, DJ, Break, or just observe the beautiful culture we call Hip Hop this is A MUST SEE!!!! It's only right I keep my ningaz firmly grounded on what this thing is about TRULY!!! Once you are thorough on the culture's foundation you are then equipped to build it based on a STRONG foundation!!!! DIGGUMZ!!! Check the fly technology and sprinkle the ism!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cassidy - Me, Myself , and iPhone (MEEK MILL DISS)

YOOOOOOOOOOOO, this new Cass is soooooo retardedly creative.......Imean, Imean, Imean, .....WOW!!!! Cannibis's lil man's is showin he can hold that banner if necessary and still make a dumb FRESH song in the process!!!! This is like a interview and a battle rap rolled in one on some other shiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! DIGGUMZ Bruv!!!! EWWWWWWW!!! Check the gurrglationz and diggin and dine on the technology baby!!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahah!!!!)

Talib Kweli - Sway Freestyle / DOPE Interview

Yo my ninga, Kweli STILL spit TUFF Jive Turkey!!! AND he speaks on his influence on Kanye. Gurrgle CHECK fool!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahhahahahah)     

Pete Rock - Delicious Vinyl 25th Anniversary Mix by

Here's a fly mix from the Soul Brother #1 Pete Rock commemerating the 25th Anniversary of Delicious Vinyl Records. DVR was the home to such acts as The Pharcyde, Def Jef, Masta Ace, Tone Loc, Young MC and more!!! DVR is also a pivitol part of J-Dilla's (aka JD from the Ummah's) success as a day I'll tell u the stories of how that relates to the history of Hip Hop in Kentucky (WOW)!!!! S/O to Stussy for gettin' the Master PR to do the mix.....they had alot of fly recorda I forgot about or either slept on!!! CHECK 1,2 and DIGGUMZ on the Gurrglatoidz!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahaha!!!!)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Actual People - Doomsday

Yooooooooooooooooooo....Here's a joint from the white boys I told u about Actual People!!! Dope Hip Hop band shit for the end of the world my manz!!!! You know the technological curve my ninga!!!! Check, Check, the Gurrglizations!!! It's the end of the world u better get right!!!! - FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahaahhaaha!!!!)

Vegas Posada - Lamborghini

 Mane, I'm hittin u nigguhz wid str8 BLESS this Friday!!!! Here's a joint from another one of my comrades and bredren Vegas P!!!!! Fresh off his Immaculate performance on the Adrenalin Tour alongside Krumb Snatcha and Block McCloud the god smacks down crushed jewelry for the feminine factors!!!! This is an UNDOUBTABLE  bop put down right and exact wid a crazy story line and plot layed down wid a pre-druken slur and a ill reverb that gives it a fly exotic basement flavor!!!! DIGGUMZ!!!! This is my shit!!!- Let me shut up and let u check the MFN Technology MANE!!!-FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahahah!!!!)

Positive K ft. Greg Nice - Make It Happen

DAMN!!!! I'm waitin on my moms (that's Ms.Tommi to you my ninga!!!!) to wake me up!!! Here is a NEW joint from the long lost MC Positive K!!!! Yo this nigguh sound fly, wid the ruggedness on some straight East Coast bop!!!!! DIGGUMZ!!!! The technology is extra retarded on this one!!!! PLUS the Greg Nice hook? C'mon Jack!!!! Glad to see bro. Pos back in the U.S. gettin bizzinizzum!!!!lol- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!)                                                         

Large Professor - Barber Shop Chop

Which tramp said every day isn't veteran's day? Here's a new video from Extra P off of his instrumental release on Fat Beats Records!!! If u don't know who this man is you need to do a loooooooooooooooooooooong Google search and get a step ladder to step ya game up!!!! Check the Technology from the mighty Large Pro!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahaahahah!!!!)

Busta Rhymes Feat. Q-Tip - Poetic Justice (Freestyle)

What's gurrglin on a spectacular Snowy Friday my ningas? Here is some fuckin talent courtesy of the vets Brother Buss and the abstract Poetic Q-Tip of the Native Tongue Squad!!!! What's better than a FLY ass Freestyle dedicated to Janet Jackson............RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!! And I KNOW Busta could drip drag old X-Dupri if it came to it....WORD!!! Check the gurrglenometry and peep the old jackz gettin down!!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snaggdadon, Black Rob and Chillz - Slaughter Freestyle

I'm glad to cee the brother Snaggapuss fronm DJ Doo Wop's Bounce Squad back FREE and gettin busy!!!! At one point in the game their was a HUGE bidding war for this brother and I'm glad to see him back gettin it on!!!! This is a nice freestyle joint wid Black Rob and Chillz (if u know who that is PLEASE clue me IN!!!!) Sideswipe the Tech and cheers to FREE ningas!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahhaa!!!)

Fiend - I'm Lit Up Like A Christmas Tree

WHAT I TELL YOU? I'm diggin that new Fiend over MOST of that old No Limit shit......b/u/t/ that's just me!!!!! And I know I changed the title, but fuck it!!!! I think my title is iller....but u can dig it!!!! Check the tech on the brother International Jones gettin down on em!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahaha!!!!)

Donnie McFly - KOOL-AID

 What's the Gurrgulationz family unit!!!! Ok, if ur not hip to discoloration of fake game then maybe you live under a rock and missed one of my comrades in rhyme Donnie McFly aka the artist formerly referred to as Wreck D. Mic!!!! His fresh fly flick for "Kool-Aid" is already boppin down at over 30,000 views over 120 likes type shit.....DIGGUMZ!!!! This is the first single off of his upcoming album 3-D which is gonna be meteor shower type dangerous on these hoes, my brother!!!! Witness the ultimate high naw my G, witness the ultimate Fly!!!! Double Diggumz on a lame brain!!!! Check the Technology wid no remorse lol!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahahaahaha!!!!!)

Big K.R.I.T. - Rich Dad Poor Dad (Official Music Video)

I told my ningas 2 years ago that dude has the soul of one of the greats!!!! Kinda like some Pimp C / Dungeon Family / David Banner / some other ol Mississippi spiritual shit!!!! Well anyways my G, check the fly reality in 3d technology type clear echoing reality of the new KRIT video gurrglin SUPER SIZED!!!! - fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!!)                                                                       

Killa Kyleon - Ese

Yo, if I'm not trippin Killa Kyleon is a cat I first got hip to off of the Big Krit Moon and Stars Remix wid him and Currensy. I dig that new school but properly grounded Texas flow he's smashin down on these lames wid......I'm sayin don't get it fucked up dude got his flow down....he's nice!!!! The gurrgulation is dumb illery on this new single that makes me wanna shout outthe Mexicans they had all over news a couple weeks ago wid all them big pillows of greenery!!!! lol!!! Check the technology and let me know the bizyness- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahaha!!!!)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Casual & J Rawls (ft. Souls Of Mischief & MHz) - Hier-O-Dot

This is straight Hip Hop bop from the Heiro crew wid the brother J. Rawls of Lone Catalist!!!! Straight dope my G!!!! I rapped wid both J's from the Lone and thy're real dudes who's been puttin it down on the midwest Hip Hop tip!!! I know my ninga E.F. Cuttin LOVES this record so check the Technologistics and tell a hooker friend!!!! lol- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahah!!!!!) Presents: Ascended Essence – The Dark Flow Theory (Mixtape)

NEW SHIT courtesy of my good bredren at (the dopest Hip Hop site online!!!) this joint is some robotic illery on next terroritorial flyness DIGGUMZ!!!! This is a lil different then the street vibe I usually rock wid b/u/t they are carvin their own lane and I rock wid it to the fullest!!!! WORD!!! Check the gurrgulation and let me know the aura on it!!!!- FATHERAMAA (ahahhahahahahahah!!!!)

Cory Mo, Devin The Dude, & Slim Thug - Wut Tha Fuk / LIVE FOOTAGE

This is that ice cold fire from the brother Devin the Dude gettin down like always!!!! I believe this is the single off of his new movie (AVAILABLE NOW at a Red Box near YOU word!!!!) and this is also on the Cory Mo album. S/O to the D the D for bein one of the MOST down to earth SUPER BAD nigguhz you can ever deal wid in the industry!!!! REALLY, it's alot of lames I have met that are nothing like their music that I have crossed paths wid in this industry....Devin has never been that during the times we have worked together!!!! A matter of fact I think I'll post the live footage of the Dude from Lexington courtesy of my brother John-o-thin Doeski!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahah!!!!)

R.A. The Rugged Man & Mac Lethal - Crustified Christmas

OFF TIGGIDY let me say the god don't celebrate any of these pagan holidays (apologize my friend!!!!) B/U/T these white cats sprinkle some abracadabra icey crushed jewels on this joint!!!! OH yeh Brother!!!! PLUS I fux wid The Rugged Man anywayz!!! We've rocked shows together and dude is a real cat str8 up so I'm lovin the angle he worked on this down to the damn Santa Clause hat!!! I remember the white kid Mac Leathal from back in the Scribble jam days.....b/u/t that was MANY Peach Optimo's ago my mans lol!!! But anywayz check the techavelli on the new jernt!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahaha!!!)

Roc Marciano - 76 (Official Video)

For my ningas that wonder what's in the ro/ro/rotation in my Charger right's still that Roc Marc on theEast Coast tip and Don Keke on the down south tip!!!! WORD!!! Alot of these rappin as dudes I can't relate they life....str8 up!!!! That nigguh Roc is showin you young jacks what a MC should look like in my humble opinion!!!! DIGGUMZ!!! Anyways, here the NEW Roc Marciano video for 76 Gurrglin DUMB on u my ninga!!!! Check the Technology dummy!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahaha!!!)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Talib Kweli ft. Ryan Leslie - Outstanding

I'm not always the sentimental Hip Hop type.....B/U/T Kweli gets down and this is no exception!!!! I must've missed the memo tho that Ryan Leslie actually bust flows lol.....REALLY!!!! Yepo!!! Check the Tech on the new Kweli video- FATHERAMA (hahahahhahaha!!!)

Fiend - Group Home Graduates

Hey, first let me say although I was not a big fan of what I refer to as "The No Limit Era" in my city, I always knew cats like Mac, Mystical, Mia X, Fiend, and Slim were amongst the better spitters of what I considered less than stellar MC's wid dope ass buisness savy (Courtesy of Uncle P!!!) REALLY gettin it in!!!! I enjoy the new Fiend alter ego "International Jones" MUCH more wid that grown man , smoother, fly shit!!!! Check the gurrglations on his new single and let me know the bizzy-nes!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahaha!!!!)

Father Jah & D.R.U.G.S. Beats - Lovin My Life / Get In Line

Oh yeh and for those that DON'T KNOW....the reason I get to talk about this Hip Hop and shit on all the wackness is due to the factualization that besides bein a SUPER BAD Real (substitute wid TRILL if u like for Pimp C lol) Nigguh to the MAX, is because I am dumb nice on the mic tool wid NO APOLOGIES diggy DIGGUMZ!!!! I'm not gonna give u my fuckin life stoty b/u/t I will say wid no speculation only expectactions that I am certified with the strong lingo an distributing technology filled jewelz....comprehende compadre? Well anywayz, Father Jah and D.R.U.G.S. Beats drops Feb. 2013!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahhaha!!!!) ps. Don't let these Billies, hatin nigguhz, devilz and demons make u take that other pill either NEO!!! I REALLY spit!!!! lmao!!!

Dee-1 Ft. Killer Mike - Never Clockin Out / Lupe Meeting

For those non-hipavelli's the non's let me turn u on to the turn on!!!!! This dude Dee-1 is a cat that my brother Doemaniac the Universal Brainiac out me in the know about!!! Intelligent street music is the least I can say about his art......REALLY!!! It's that N.O. swag mixed wid some real thought b4 the "real talk" DIGGUMZ!!!! Anywayz check the BIG Gurrglinz lil bruv got synthesizin and get wid yhe illery all day!!! PLUS I added some footage about him buildin wid Lupe (is that nigguh Mexican lol JUST PLAYIN!!!!) and Mia X cookin them up some viddles!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahah!!!)

Pimp C - Knockin Doors Down (W/ xtra verse!!!!)

LISTEN TO THIS SONG from the late messenger Pimp C!!!! This is the mind state that independent artist need to get on!!!! Fuck fightin and killin let's jump on this bread truck and ride my ningas!!!! Real Technology!!!! Word!!! Fuck killin a nigguh cause he booed u and all that!!!! You know what's a leader not a bullshit feeder Bruv!!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!)

Freeway, Neef Buck, Young Chris, Memphis Bleek, Peedi Crakk & Pain In Da Ass - Roc Reloaded

Yooooooooooooo, I almost forgot that at one point Rocafella was REALLY top dog!!!! Freeway reassembles some of the old Roc squad for this one including Pain In The Ass (yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh)!!!! This shit is DOPE and the brother Freeway's flow on this is cold monkey brainz on a nigguh!!!! WORD!!! Check the technology and throw ya old crusty Rocafella signs in the sky lol!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahah!!!!)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Grafh - N.W.A.

I'm a old school fan of the brother Grafh from when he was demolishing the old K-Slay tapes!!!! WORD!!! He's probably one of those brothers who labels don't get the vision for and so they tell him to do more booty shakin, Lil Wayneish, Nicki Minajish style music lol!!! Hey, that's just what they do lol!!! I like this record....b/u/t Dear Grafp, Don't get to Weezyish wid the vibe or I will stop rockin that shit. It's cool for dude but that ain't what we want from u Bruv!!!! This record is solid tho, great balance and I'm diggin on the Ruthless refrences!!!! DIGGUMZ!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!)


Yooooooooooooo, In the Supreme Alphabet "S" Stands for Self/Saviour and we are taught that Self is the only Saviour so with that said it is every civilized man's duty to "save yours" because Self is the TRUE Saviour!!!! That's PEACE and found to be right and exact. That same science is tayght in the church when they teach "let the mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus".....if you have Jesus's mind than YOU ARE the saviour right? Well anyways, with that knowledge of self I proceed to bang u wid the new video from my Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Which Compton?)comrades, Killwaulkee titled "Save Yours"!!!! Straight raw street shit wid that self science in it....You KNOW we support that!!! ALLDAY my ninga!!!! DIGGUMZ!!! Plus I love the fact Brother Gat rocked some Gucci Mane shit and made it fly!!!! BANG!!! My brother Viva Fidel is like a new school street Chuck D. no doubt and I rock wid him on whatever, he always reps the slums and sprinkles priceless jewels......shiiiiiii I have assisted him in teaching Hip Hop CLASSES.....literally my ninga!!!! Expand that peice of shit between your two abused ears and check the technology!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!)


Hey YOU.....What's gurrglin my ninga?!!!Here's some gems courtesy of my dude Filthy Rich!!!! He's a dirty ass whiteboy (in a positive fashion may I say!!!!) wid some dope ass beats!!! He does everything from rock hardware to software to playin the guitar!!! He's also a part of a fly ass collective of cats called Actual People...think kinda sorta like a Caucasian version of The Roots b/u/t wid a MPC instead of a drummer......Str8 Freshness!!!! Well anywayz familation I FUX WID that unit and u should too my ninga!!!! CHECK THE TICKIN TECH!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sparxx Vizion Presente- The Best Of Both Worlds Vol.3

Another FLY Mix to get u gurrglin like whatever lol!!!!! YEP!!!!! Featuring some Dinco, some Lil Keke, Ty Nitty, Bang Em Up Smurf, Black Rob, Smoke DZA, so u know I bops this my ninga!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahah!!!!) 1.DJ Steel Intro (Best of Both Worlds Vol.3) 2.YGFDS (Yo Gus F#ck Dat Sh!t) - True Sun Ali Ft. Dimez 3.HOT - Pillz Ft. Maine, Lanski Justino 4.IMA HUSTLER - Lion from the Lake Ft. Paul Wall LIl Keke 5.OTHER ZONES - HooNoz 6.PARA-SHOOT - Akshun Ft. Kaybee 7.M.A.Y. (Money All Year) - Ca$h and Touch 8.UNDISPUTED - Bang'Em Smurf (Feed Da Wolves) 9.MISS YOU - Loonz Mortiz (Produced by Jay Sparks) 10.RESPECT THE SWORD - XO Guillotine Ft. A-Guss 11.AUTHENTIC - Black Rob 12.DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Ill Smith and Mr.Blonde 13.STREET LIFE - Ty Nitty 14.HOLDIN' THE TORCH - Heavy Gades 15.FUTURISTIC - Shabaam Sahdeeq Eddie B Ft. Smoke DZA 16.R.E.A.L. (Remember Everyone Ain't Loyal) - Amun Ra 17.THE BIG EAST - Dinco (Leaders of the New School) 18.BE YOURSELF - Newz Da Don 19.I'M GOOD - SonRay 20.BACKSEAT (Dirty) - Jon Doe Ft. Lambo Lux and Shorty Mack 21.SHUT IT DOWN - Zhavea 22.RICH - Saizzar

Funk Master Flex, Red Alert , Marley Marl - Flex Anniversary MIX

I'm not gonna take this time to diss the Junk Master Flex.....just like wid a X-Girlfriend LET'S JUST REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES!!!! S/O to the brother though for having the LEGENDS Uncle Red and O.G. Marley from the Bridge on tho!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahhaahahahahah!!!)

DJ Premier - Live From HeadQCourterz 12/7/12 (ft. Saigon)

Bruv!!!! If ur not hip let ya good peepz Fatheramathon the GREAT guide you towards the light!!!! Live From HeadQCourterz is the Dopest, Flyest, Illest Hip Hop show on deckage compadre!!!!! Maaaaaaaaane u know Premo from Prarie View gets down JACK!!!! Yep!!!! Real Techknowledgy!!! THIS is what it means to be a TRUE D.J. mane....mixin, cuttin, breakin records and honorin the GREATS bruv wid real Hip Hop hostin wid OFFICIAL swagganometry.....DIGGUMZ!!!!- FATHERAMA SUPREME (hahahahahahahhahahah!!!!)
1. Just-Ice & KRS-One - There It Is (Remix) 2. Wu-Block - All in Together (feat. Ghostface Killah, Sheek Louch, Styles P & Jadakiss) 3. Flash - Betta Muzik (feat. GQP) 4. Game - Jesus Piece (feat. Kanye West & Common) 5. Chi-Ali - Games & Things (feat. Fat Joe & Jeffrey Nortey) 6. Saigon - Blown Away 7. Saigon - Rap vs. Real 8. Wyld Bunch & DJ Qvali - Lost in the Mind 9. Lil Fame & Termanology - After Midnight 10. Vinnie Paz - Problem Solver (feat. Scarface) 11. Saigon - Forever Dreamin' (feat. Tony Collins) 12. Saigon - Yeah Yeah 13. Action Bronson & Alchemist - Blood of the Goat (feat. Big Twin & Sean Price) 14. Game - HVN4AGNGSTA (feat. Master P) 15. Saigon - Our Babies 2 (Crazy World) 16. K-Rino - Clouds to the Ground 17. Freeway - Early 18. Wu-Block - Stella (feat. Ghostface Killah, Sheek Louch & Method Man) 19. Saigon - The Vowel Song (feat. Rayne Dior) 20. Saigon - Not Like Them (feat. Styles P)

Unstopable Sound Agency - Legalize D.R.U.G.S. hosted by D.R.U.G.S. Beats

PEEEEEEEEEEEEACE!!!! What's the googly eyed gurrgulizationz? You already know the technology mane!!!!! Here's a necessary link for all my ningas to the Legalize DRUGS mix cd!!! Legalize D.R.U.G.S (Dope, Real, Under-Ground, Sound) is a FREE 36 track mix CD produced and hosted STRICTLY by the country's sickest street-hop sound craftsman, D.R.U.G.S. Beats, and sliced to perfection by DJ's Killer In The Cut, E.F. Cuttin, and sorta D.J. Fatheramatron!!! The Legalize DRUGS mix CD also features work that DRUGS has done with all of the above artist and more, and is the prelude to the Father Jah and D.R.U.G.S album coming in February 2013 titled "Manuscripture of the Father, Inspired By D.R.U.G.S (Dope Real Under-Ground Shit)". CHECK THE LUXURIOUS TECH!!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!)

MJG - Bitches, Money, Guns (mix cd)

Yoooooooooooo.....Here's the new mix cd from the brother MJG the Memphis legend!!!! One of the collabs I would've like to have seen in life would've been a Pimp C and MJG mackish collabo project!!!! None the less the MJG solo joint features my man Pastor Troy, Wooh the Kid (the New York nigguh from Gucci Mane's Brick Squad, who made "Mosh Pit" GET HIP!!!!! LOL) 8Ball, Snoop, my playa partner Young Buck. Rick Ross and others!!! I haven't got to bop it yet b/u/t/ I assume my ningas might need this in they life!!!! DIGGUMZ!!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Masta Killa – Dirty Soul (ODB Tribute)

Long live that uninhibited spirit and inner G that ODB brought to the game courtesy of Wu-Tang Clan!!!! This joint is Jamel aka Masta Killa tippy toes into the mind of the Old Dirt Dawg and blesses us wid the ill tribute on a track ODB really would've rocked out to!!! Long live the Clan, Long live ODB!!!!! Check the gurrgulations my G!!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Lil Keke - Past Tense

ALRIGHT!!!! So it's my physical day and I just went and got all the way FRESH wid the fly Hulk Hogan mustache WITH the goatee just to show my O.G. YEP!!!! #TRUTH!!!! But I still thought I would share the fly lil Texas tune me and my PYT have been ridin to on repeat in the Charge Up DIGGUMZ!!!! All my old hedz will vibe to this and to my young ningas THIS is that shit you bop wid ya lady friend to.....,You gotta pop that Gucci Mane out sometimes and get the aura right and exact my mans!!!! Check out the fly TX Technology!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahaha!!!!)

The "Underground" vs The Radio Rotation Demons lol

What's the gurrglnomics on worldwide Fatherama Day my ninga aka F. Jassiem Allah's D.O.B. aka Father Jah's Physical Degree Day aka Cool Hen X's Born Day!!!!! This is the god Papoose goin heads up wid Hot(not)97's Program Director!!!! I love the way Poose repped for the independents in Hip Hop and I also loved the way they cleverly switched topics to Remy Ma (Papoose's Wife)!!!! Here's the terroristic tech and feel free to leave my born day gifts on door stepz mane!!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahah!!!!)


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Donnie McFly ft. John Doe Main - Fly & Roger Diamond

I told you we have Unstopable Sound Agents WORLWIDE my ninga!!!! S/O to my comrade Rodger Diamond the TOP street DJ in England who we met thru our brother Gangsta Yush of the SW9 Milly Crew in Brixton!!!! We recorded this track in the U.S. hood, but it's a record dedicated to Roger Diamond, the D.J. that rocks the HARDEST in the U.K. (meaning United Kingdom not University of Kentucky nigguh!!! lol) hoods!!!! Donnie McFly killed it, I mixed it, kept it short like black history month on a calendar to a Klans Man wid scissors and tore it up!!!! DIGGUMZ!!!! Check the illiotic extra fly gurrgalation extravaganza my ninga!!!! Oh but YES!!!! lol- FATHERAMA (hahahahahhahahahhahah!!!!)

Criminal Manne ft. Don Trip - Pole In The Studio

Yeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!! I told u that my Hip Hop tastes can be diverse at times my ninga!!! I been peepin Criminal Manne since he was on the Back to the Playaz Ball album with my homie Kingpin Skinny Pimp out of Memphis. Yes, I'm Wu affiliated now b/u/t/ I'm still up on my RAW down south shiiiiiiiiiii!!!!! Don't forget I was also a contributor on MTV 2's "Dirty States of America" documentary fool!!!!! For those that don't know MEMPHIS NOT ATLANTA invented "crunk music" my ninga, and the Memphis brand of crunk music was always more gangsta and less commercial than his lil cousin in ATL!!!! Well anywayz I probably really started peepin' Crim when he did the album wid the homie Pastor Troy. Also he was the first cat fuckin wid producer Lil Lody who's now workin wid Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, Diddy, Yo Gotti and others. Dude got that straight trap shit b/u/t he been true to spittin that shit wid no cut!!!! Don Trip's verse is mad clever and he probably steals the show b/u/t either way they made me think about puttin a stripper pole in my studio!!!! MOST my KY why ningas ain't hip to Mr. Manne from the Project Playaz, so let me turn u on!!!! Check the gurrgulationz!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!)

Loaded Lux - True Love / Lodaed Lux vs Calico Battle

What's the bizzyness on the gurrgulations my ningas!!!!? This joint right here is the new bang bang from Loaded Lux!!! It's dedicated to his son and is a undeniable anthem for the daddy's/father's/step parents/non abusive sperm donors out there!!!! For those un-hip to haps on Lux I'll also post his historic battle wid sharp Detroit spitter Calico where Lux mauls Calico with a innovative battle flow that blended harsh street aggressiveness, resonating slang sammiches, and social commentary to create one if not THE BEST battle of the last 5 years (maybe even 10?!!!!) years!!!! I love the way the brother is positioning himself in the game and the way he's showin that other side of Harlem where 125th street is still the epicenter of uninhabited black conscious thought!!!! DIGGUMZ!!!! Check the diggum smackz and tell a enemy!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahhahahahahah!!!)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DJ Bree ft. Quiet Soul - Order Out of Chaos

Straight ill, dark science from DJ Bree featuring Quiet Soul!!! This is a short and to the point banger produced by DJ Bree with the video shot by the brother Jon Doemain!!! Straight hot concrete bop!!! DJ Bree is also the producer of Andrew Jackson's "Handcuf'd Lighning" joint and is another MPC Specialist. I met this brother in the late 90's and he's never ceased to have bangers from the day I first peeped his arsenal after he moved to Louisville from New Jersey. Straight hard body, god body shit..... embrace the muthafuckin technology MANE!!!!- Fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!)

Saigon - Plant The Seed (What U Paid For)

THANK YOU to the brother Sai Giddy for holdin down New York city!!!! This record is CRAZY  and the video is bababananas!!!! I've been checkin for Saigon since the Yard Father mix cd around 2003ish!!!! If my memory serves me correct he was the first virtually unknown artist to see the marketing angle of gettin' a mix tape DJ (or 2!!!) to host your mix cd during the hieght of the mix CD era...DIGGUMZ!!!! Any ways dude is dumb nice and he's BEEN dumb NICE!!! I just spoke wid the god over the phone about a month ago and he's in a good place in his life and ready to go hard!!! Truth be told, if you ever say Saigon dropped a WACK album your only liein to yaself and Real Nigguhz don't believe you my ninga!!! WORD!!!! For those that  bop that intelligent street music this is that deluxe flyness!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahah!!!!)

Who The Funk Is THIS?

WHO The FUCK Is THIS in the ill dress struttin out on 106 & Park straight America's Top Model Style? The answer may just surprise you!!!! lol, YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS SHIT UP FAMILY!!!!

  OH NO!!!! Not ASAP Rocky!!!! Damn I didn't know THIS is what lil bruh meant when he said "I be that pretty Motherfucker" on every track!!!! Honestly, I feel like this is the type of queer (meaning strange) thing that occur when 1. You raise a generation on Jerry Springer and they accept that as "normal". 2. You allow others outside of the culture to influence a way of life created out of REBELLION to the popular tight clothed metro-sexual, asexual vibe of the 70's disco  culture (amongst other things) 3. There are hidden agendas being pushed thru all mass media outlets and those who don't "sell out" probably won't be allowed to "buy-in". It's a shame that a 80's baby/MC named after the lyrical genius Rakim (Yes, the Rocky is short for Rakim and he has a sister who's name is Erica B. after Rakim's D.J.!!!!) has been reduced to wearing a dress on national (really WORLDWIDE) telivision. I don't wanna get to so called political b/u/t EVERYTHING is political!!!!! Notice how society, the powers that be, Hollywood, and mass media have been pumping the image of the effeminate black man and the masculine black female because knowing that black people watch more TV they tend to imitate what their mind consumes both consciously and sub-conscientiously. Society fears a masculine black man because they have seen strong, masculine, fearless, black men and their proudly black (yet femine) queens run THE WORLD!!!! They consider a masculine black man as "threatening" and go out of their way to portray him in a setting of criminality. In contrast they consider an effeminate black man less threatening. Imagine how they felt about Tupac lol!!!!
   Actually I enjoy the young brother ASAP's brand of Houston influenced Harlem rap B/U/T/    I feel to properly rep any of that Houston aura to the fullest in a right and exact fashion, on certain moves you gotta ask yourself  "What would the Honorable Pimp C say about this" or WWPCD "What Would Pimp C Do". Real Super Bad Nigguh Shit!!!! I hate to cee people used as tools for hidden agendas which they probably have no idea!!!! So NO I'm not sayin ASAP Rocky is a honorary member of the Illuminati.....BUT I AM SAYIN young nigguh step ya game up, take the damn dress off unless you suckin dick (truthfully tho!!!!), and at the end of the day all you have is your image so control that shit wid focus like tryin to handle a BIG 75' New Yorker in a ice storm......DIGGUMZ!!!!  That's the technology wid no apology....the name Rakim is a HUGE name to live up to!!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kentucky Artist Gets Inaugerated Into Protect Ya Neck Records/Wu-Tang Management Family

Here is the actual footage from "The Adrenalin Tour" in Louisville, KY in which Jimmy Kang (Vice President of Wu-Tang Management / Protect Ya Neck Records) announces the new union between Father Jah and the Unstopable Sound Agency with the Wu-Tang umbrella!!! Excuse the shitty footage b/u/t I had to post the actual factuals since there has been such a plethora of liars/ scam artist/ extravagant story tellers to make their way thru KY only to try to take advantage of the artist and offer little to NO opprotunities!!!!! Hmmmmp!!!! If your an independent artist out of KY tell the truth how many legitimate executives have you met that came thru your town lookin for talent? lol RIIIIIIIIGHT!!!! Ok, now how many of the brothers that are/were supposidly on the game out KY introduced, linked, or recommended you to an exec in the industry wid the actual abilities to change a talented artist's life? RIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!! There are only a few and very easy to count. In this game the only 2 powers are relationships and money. A successful artist usually has an abundance of one or the other or a delicate balance of each. With that said, The Unstopable Family is proud of our new union with the Wu-Tang Family and Father Jah's new position as regional representative for Protect Ya Neck Records / Wu-Tang Management!!! Peep the footage for yourself and DIGGUMZ on the gurrglizations for yourself!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Mike Flo - Real Nigguh Interview!!!

Another one of my dear brothers and comrades is the god Mike Flo of RBG. Every since meeting him in ATL years ago (while promoting his mix cd wid DJ Drama "Live From the Plantation"), to working on the Queendome Come album/ release party wid the brother he has always been 100 and genuine to say the least!!!! Did I mention that he's dead prez DJ and a phenomenal MC and a enlightened teacher and a fuckin mean ass barber? lol Real super bad nigguh shit tho!!!! Anyways here's a fly interview with the mighty Mike Flo!!!! If your not hip to his catalog then Google him and you won't be dissapointed!!!!- FATHERAMA (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!)

D.O.H.- Jeet Kune Doh (the album)

Yo, I gotta send a extravagant salute to my mans D.O.H. (Dollahz Ova Hoes) on his new album Jeet Kune Doh!!!! The album is named after Bruce Lee's fighting style and a matter of fact the majority of the album's production is based on samples from old Bruce Lee flicks!!!! The whole albums is some pure illery, b/u/t my favorite joint is probably "Kato" and "Big Boss"...yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!!! Of course I'm also partial to "Extraordinary" because I produced it, and it features Father Jah and Donnie McFly gettin down JACK!!! lol!!! For those unfamiliar wid where u heard the brother Doh's voice, it might have been on the third verse of "And Ya Know That" produced by D.R.U.G.S.....a matter fact I'll post that link as well!!!! DIGGUMZ!!!! If u like the album then rock wid it and cop a set your own price DL!!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)