Thursday, February 28, 2013




There is TRULY no video ILLER than this....SORRY!!!! I love this and the "Mass Appeal" video by Gang Starr for TOTALLY different reasons,yet both are superior my ninga!!! Checko Techo my G!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAH!!!)


Cappadonna - Creature Feature

This is str8 Tuffskin lingo from my Wu brother Cappadonna!!!! BE SURE TO COP HIS NEW DOUBLE CD available now!!!! Check the Wu-Tang Technology!!!-fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

ProEra - Maxwell

Yoooooooooooo, I'm jealous that they tapped into that Maxwell catalog B4 I got to exploit it lol, b/u/t this is dope my G!!!! They're audience is gonna be ill because older heads that appreciate the art are gonna be signing up and the cats so yooung that they think this style is NEW are gonna be on deck!!! Checko Techo!!! - fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Napoleon Da Legend ft Sean Price - Wise Men (video)

I was already in love wid this record, but the ill video put that sauce on it!!! Check the Technology - fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

Redman ft.Method Man & R.E.A.D.Y. Roc - Lookn' Fly Too (video)

This beat is so mackish I thought Suga Free was gonna bust, DIGGUMZ!!!! Check the tech Baby Bubba!!!! - fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Styles P ft. Sheek Louch - Hater Love

My favorite 2/3 of the Lox....Sorry!!! Check the Techin!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

Cappadonna - NEW ALBUM WEBISODE + Release Party Info

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! Wu-Tang INVADES KY tonight as the mighty Cappadonna in Association wid GRR present the "Eryth Wynd & Fyre" album release party TONIGHT!!! Father Jah and the ENTIRE Unstopable Sound Agency will be in the building keepin things top notch gurrgulatin' and motivatin'!!!! We actually perform AFTER Cappadonna, b/u/t right before we do a CLASSIC freestyle session!!! If you are ANYWHERE in the surrounding area, and LOVE Hip Hop, there is no other place u need to be TONIGHT!!!! FUCK Ya chick, my G!!!! She'll be there tomorrow FOOL....But the Don Donna will be here tonight, so don't act like a unhip and diggumz on the formulation, my ninga!!!! Str8 like that all day already!!! Uh Hu!!! Check the Wu-Tang Techo!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

Father Jah and D.R.U.G.S. Beats : UPDATE!!!

Maaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!! Thank Yous to all of our comrades aiding us in showing THE WORLD that Hip Hop can still be solidly based in the culture, creative, fly, ignorant, intelligent, boisterous, humble AND SUCCESSFUL all at once!!!
Here's the run down:
- OVER 115, 000 plays on the "When I'm Gone Video"
- Ranked in the top 500 in the WORLD on
- Ranked #355 Nationally on
- Downloads almost FULLY Maxed out on soundcloud
- Over 10,000 plays on soundcloud
- Shows This week with Cappadonna, Kool Daddy Fresh, Pistol, and DJ C-Wiz (3-6 Mafia's DJ)
- Radio Interview in Nashville
- 4-20 Show in Detroit
- Performing at the Southern Entertainment Awards on March 22nd
- Ready to start the Wu-Tang Management / Unstopable Sound Agency open mic series in the Midwest
.....and that's just a SMALL Update!!! Thank u again to and ALL of our comrades that have helped us thus far!!!! Let's keep feedin the People this POWERFUL Food and buildin our own lane BEYOND the so called "industry" which is really a coporate version of pimpin' and hoein' lol!!! SALUTE!!! - fatherama (AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

OH YEH, and don't forget the "Manuscripture" album is AVAILABLE NOW on itunes, cdbaby, amazon, and more!!!!

Joey Bada$$ ft.Chance The Rapper - Wendy N Becky (Prod. Thelonius Martin)

I love the fact that Joey Bada$$ is the NEW New York that sounds like the OLD New York!!! Check the Technology!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!)


Smif N Wessun - 2013 Performance / Interview @ Highline Ballroom

Top Shotta dem a mash up de damn ting EVERYTIME!!! This is a DOPE performances from the WWBCC representatives!!! Diggumz!!! Check the Tech!!!! - fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!!)

Chi Ali - Good Man (video)

S/O to the Fabulous Fuckin Chi Ali for comin home and goin Str8 to work!!! Salute the comrade AND wait til u hear the DRUGS Beats and Chi joint!!!! Talented nigguhz are gettin to the doughski in 2013 my ninga!!!! Plus this is real nigguh rap indeed from a truthful, realistic angle.....shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sounds like my life!!!! Checko the Techo- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahaha)

P.A.P.I. aka N.O.R.E. - Fowl Niggaz (video)

New Heater from Real Nigguh NORE....oops PAPI!!! Ill songg and video, we AAAAAAALL know atleast 1!!! Check Le' Tech!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!)

Monday, February 25, 2013

AZ and DJ Doo Wop - LIVE in Poland (video)

AZ & DJ DOO WOP - Doe or Die II Tour... by 238BEATS


Yoooooooooooooo, the Killah Priest AND the Cappadonna album BOTH drop tomorrow!!! DIGGUMZ!!! The Wu-vment is STRONG and we're proud to be a part of it!!! For those in the Midwest/Dirt South the Donna release party will be in Louisville, KY at Zazoo's and Father Jah will be performing along with the Unstopable "I Hate Rapperz" Brigade!!!! DIGGUMZ!!! This new KP wid Ghost and Deck is str8 Tuffskin Buddy Row lol, checko the Wu-Year Techo!!! - fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)


King Ramses - Theory (video)

Dude is a new cat and this is only his second video I believe, but he's comin wid it!!!! DIGGUMZ!!! His block tutorial comes thru authentic, my ninga!!! Lookin forward to hearin his album "Making Of Ramses" Checko Techo!!! - FATHERAMA (hahahahahahhahaha)

Roc Marciano – Bruh Man

This is that fly Roc Marc shit I could wake up and listen to 100 times....WORD!!! Check the monotone illioticz on deckage!!!! -fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)


Kool A.D. - "Moneyball" (video)

What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!! Dude comes wid the dumb illiotic freestyle flow deluxe plus he's shootin for the video of the year award!!! DIGGUMZ!!!! This is some next other shit familation!!!! wew!!! YEP!!! Check the exotic Technology on deckage!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH!!!!)

Bekay - Fuck You (prod. by Domingo)

What's Gurrglin on a anything can happen Monday, my ninga!!!! Thank You again to the brother Domingo for cleanin out his closet and lacin us wid the illery!!!! DIGGUMZ!!! Check Tech on this Bekay Bang out!!! - fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dj Seanski - Public Enemy Tribute (mixtape)

What's gurrglin familation? Yoooooo, this mix is muthafuckin INCREDIBLE!!!! Seanski is so PE on this that he could be the newest member!!! WORD!!! To my young jacks, let this be a quick history lesson in making classic records that sound like NOTHING else, although it was created by sounds and samples that already existed!!! Biters will never be able to fuck wid thinking WRITER....eeeeeever!!! I'll build later on Micheal Scott, Public Enemy, J Dilla, and what they ALL have to do with a Wu-Tang affiliate out of KY!!! Check the Technology compadre!!@!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahahah!!!)


Wyclef Jean - Mid Life Crisis

Yo familation, this new Wyclef is game laced, cuzzy!!! Checko Techo!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

W.I.B. - An Exploration of Breakdancing

From James Brown to BEYOND, here's a dope ass documentary on the B-Boy!!! Salute!!! For all my samplholicz, there are ALOT of dope samples in this, and the white kid's voice is professorish!!!! DO THE SCIENCE and peep the Technology!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!)


Dee-1 - Jay, 50, and Weezy (video) + album

Dee-1 is probably my favorite N.O. rapper!!! He got them Str8 crushed jewels and his beat selection is proper!!! For the unhipz I added the video so u can get hip!!! Also here is the link for his new album  Psalms of David!!! I don't know what happened between him and Mannie Fresh, but some of thos NEW Mystikal beats are actually OLD Dee-1 beats, and I wouldn't be surprised if more popped up on the Mannie Fresh and Mos Def album!!! Checko Techo, the industry is wack tho!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Too $hort- I Didn't Know Trinidad James Used My Beat (video)

DAMN!!! They almost snuck one by your favorite Hip Hop historian!!!! Check the Technology!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahaha!!!)

DJ Premier - Live From HeadQCourterz (Big L Tribute)

New flyness from the brother Premo on the 1's and 2's, bangin new tracks by Joell Ortiz, The Kid Daytona & Shalone, Talib Kweli Feat. Curren$Y, Kendrick Lamar, Big L Feat Big Daddy Kane, Oun P, Murder Mook, Fred The Godson, Loaded Lux & Charlie Cliipz, Kool G Rap, Big Noyd & Large Professor and more!!! Check the ill Tech!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

Live From HeadQCourterz (02/15/2013) by Dj Premier Blog Radio on Mixcloud

L.D.J., REDMAN, MONEY CARSIN - Touchin' Mo Cream (video)

Spectacular heat from long haired uncle Redavelli and his young mans!!! FIRE!!! Checo the touch cream techo!!!-fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!)

Friday, February 22, 2013

GHOSTFACE KILLAH x MONTREALITY - In-Depth Interview (video)

Beautiful jewels courtesy of my Wu Bredren Ghost!!! Checko Techo!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

Sun Tzu Cadre - The B​.​I​.​G Album (Blackman Is God)

NEW heat from the 7's out of D-Mecca !!! I'll be goin down to build wid them and my younger self Ray Lejend on 4-20!!!! DIGGUMZ!!!! Str8 non-stop crushed jewelz from the gods!!!! Check the Universal Technology!!!! PEACE!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!)

Father Jah and D.R.U.G.S. Beats - NFL

Here's the NEW single from Father Jah and D.R.U.G.S. Beats off of the "Manuscripture of the Father as Inspired by D.R.U.G.S. (Dope Real Under Ground Sh*t) album AVAILABLE NOW on itunes!!!! Check the Tuffskin Louisville, Guntucky Technology!!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

HERE is the itunes link, my ninga!!!!! fux wid me lol!!!!

Astro - Deadbeats & Lazy Lyrics (mixtape)

I'd like to think that when I was young that I was nice like THIS DUDE....but honestly probably not because dude is MOTHERFUCKIN SUPERB!!!! If he's not signed then that only proves the state of the game as Supreme Lamery!!! Fuck outta here my ninga, THIS ain't that Lil B type diss, but no sir, if you no-tice, you know this!!!! Str8 like that!!!!.....and did he bring the word PHAT back? lol, DIGGUMZ!!!! Check the super youth Technology!!!! -fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!)

 here's the write up:

 Astro aka The Astronomical Kid returns with "DeadBeats & Lazy Lyrics", his original mixtape hosted by DJ Tech. Featuring 12 original records with production from 9th Wonder, BrandUn DeShay, ThatLoserLaron and MF Doom, along with 3 records produced by Astro himself.



The mighty producer Domingo laces us once again!!!! I can't even say anthing else my ninga!!!! The white boys whild out on this joint too, DIGGUMZ!!!! Check the technology!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

THROWBACK: UGK - Use Me Up (Ghetto Jeep Mix) / video

HERE'S a throwback UGK joint I never heard!!! Produced by Pimp C Family Productions!!!!! It's dope that he used the word "family" in the name of his production actually says alot about the brother's character!!! Extra mackish dialect outta P.A.T.!!! DIGGUMZ!!! Checko Techo!!! - fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!)

aaaaaaaaaaaaand.........HERE'S A BONUS MY G!!!!


Roc Marciano Feat. Hus - Warm Hennessy (Cold E&J Mix)

I rock wid all things Roc familation!!!! - FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahahah!!!!)

Crooked I - Minority Report

The brother Crooked drops this just in time to catch Black History Month, while certain other Slaughterhouse cats are reality showin' it up lol!!! THIS is strong game and crushed jewels my ninga!!!! Check the grown man Technology!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I fux wid The Jacka, my ninga!!!!

What's gurrglin my G? I think sometimes because I am part of the Wu Family tree that most would assume I only appreciate the boom bap and the grimeiness and Hip Hop, b/u/t I appreciate it all my ninga!!! For instance ask anybody that really rocks wid me, THIS IS MY SHIT!!!! DIGGUMZ!!! Str8 take away the laziness and get scratch type element!!! CLASSIC Jack artist from the West Side!!! Yep!!! Check that West side Technology!!!! - fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!)


Unreleased: Rakim - Bring It On

Here's some unreleased Rakim produced by the great Domingo in 1994!!!! Shiiiiiiiiiiit, for those Fatherama historians that is the year I graduated and the jazzy but ruff sound that probably influenced me most!!! S/O Domingo for openin the vault once again!!! Check the legendary 7 Technology!!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)


Sean Price Ft. Pharoahe Monch – BBQ Sauce (Video)

An ignorently FLYLACIOUS video that defies space and time by the brother Sean P ft the Pharoah himself!!! DIGGUMZ bruv!!!! Check the interesting tech!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahaahhaah!!!)

Mysonne ft Chi Ali - Came From Nothing

This is that hustle hard and don't waste time arguin' wid ya chick music!!!! DIGGUMZ!!! Checko Techo!!!-fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

Doughphresh Da Don & Naves - Spittin' Fire In Cypher

NEW freestyle heat from some of the Ville's finest young word manipulators!!!! Check the Technology!!! - fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Joey Bada$$ x Pete Rock - Eckō Studio Sessions

Bada$$ continues to rock out wid the vets and soak game!!! Checko Techo!!! - fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

Father Jah & DRUGS Beats - 25 & Over Hip Hop?

WHO SAID THERE WAS NO MARKET FOR RAW, UNDILUTED, Hip Hop, firmly grounded in the muthafuckin culture? I CAN'T TELL!!! We're pushin almost 100,000 views on this video familation!!! Thank you to ALL of our comrades throughout the universe for ridin wid 2 drunken yet focused drivers lol!!!   Fuck what radio is playin and all that because I don't listen to it.....We have a different lane AND a point to prove!!! All I need is for all my comrades to hit the video up, hit the like button, and add a comment to help me make a point to some certain "industry taste makers" that 25 and older Hip Hop has a SOLID audience that supports, respects, and appreciates POWERFUL Hip Hop music with no skirts, skinny jeans, or corny ass dances!!! Str8 like that!!! PLUS, I'm gonna add the links to stream and to buy the album if your not hip to what we're buildin over here!!! Many thanks to all the people hittin me sayin this is the best album of the year so far!!!! Sincerely familation!!!......SOMEBODY SLIPPED US AND MADE US THE OG'S.......shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!! lol Check the live nigguh Technology on deck my ninga!!!! - FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!)


CLICK HERE to download the ENTIRE album for only $7.99,My Ninga

Gensu Dean & Planet Asia - Faces Of The Dollar

Planet Asia has came a loooooooooooong way from bein a B-Level Common my nigguh!!!! Legendary Status is right and exact, plus EVERYTHING he's been involved wid over the last few years has been the imperial flyness!!!! Str8 like that 7!!!! S/O to my comrade the legendary Mani Festo the Freshness (eeeeeeee, NEW TAG bruv!!!) for linkin me up wid this good bop!!!! - FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahaha!!!)


The winner IIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSS: Eric B & Rakim - Lyrics Of Fury!!!! FUCK UR OPINION my G!!!! Str8 like that!!!! Nigguhz always quote the "7 MC's" line but that was actually baby Rakim, familation!!!! I heard Big Daddy Kane say recently that he would rip Rakim.....I agree if it's 2013, B/U/T NOBODY has a rap doper than this including KANE, WAYNE, JIGGA, NAS, EM, whoever YOU UNHIP, diggumz!!!! The closest are KRS, PUN, K-Rino, and G.Rap PERIOD (not including my crew, Khari in his prime and Father Jah in spurts lol!!!!). If u disagree please offer lyrics or a song as proof, but PLEASE know in my youth I FOUGHT OVER THIS.....I'm that era of Hip Hop, no Pink Flame, just LYRICS OF FURY!!!! Check Tech and B Thankful!!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

I'm rated 'R'...this is a warning, ya better void,
Poets are paranoid, DJ's D-stroyed,
Cuz I came back to attack others in spite-
Strike like lightnin', It's quite frightenin'!
But don't be afraid in the dark, in a park,
Not a scream or a cry, or a bark, more like a spark;
Ya tremble like a alcoholic, muscles tighten up,
What's that, lighten up! You see a sight but,
Suddenly you feel like your in a horror flick,
You grab your heart then wish for tomorrow quick!
Music's the clue, when I come your warned,
Apocolypse Now, when I'm done, ya gone!
Haven't you ever heard of a MC-murderer?
This is the death penalty,and I'm servin' a
death wish, so come on, step to this
hysterical idea for a lyrical professionist!
Friday the thirteenth, walking down Elm Street,
you come in my realm ya get beat!
This is off limits, so your visions are blurry,
All ya see is the meters at a volume,
pumping Lyrics of Fury!

it's a ....fearified freestyle!

Terror in the styles, never error-files,
indeed I'm known-your exiled!
For those that oppose to be level or next to this...
I ain't a devil and this ain't the Exorcist!
worse than a nightmare, you don't have to sleep a wink,
the pain's a migraine every time ya think,
Flashbacks interfere, ya start to hear:
The R-A-K-I-M in your ear;
Then the beat is hysterical,
that makes Eric go get a ax and chops the wack,
soon the lyrical format is superior,
faces of death remain,
MC's decaying, cuz they never stayed,
the scene of a crime every night at the show,
the fiend of a rhyme on the mic that you know,
It's only one capable, breaks-the unbreakable,
melodies-unmakable, pattern-unecscapable,
a horn if want the style I posses,

I bless the child, the earth, the gods and bomb the rest,
for those that envy a MC it can be,
hazardous to your health so be friendly,
a matter of life and death, just like a ethch-a-sketch,
shake 'till your clear, make it disappear, make the next,
after the ceremony, let the rhyme rest in peace,
if not, my soul'll release!
the scene is recreated, reincarnated, updated, I'm glad you made it,
cuz your about to see a disasterous sight,
a performance never again performed on a mic:
Lyrics of fury!

a fearified freestyle!

the 'R' is in the house-too much tension!
Make sure the system's loud when I mention
Phrases that's fearsome...
You want to hear some sounds that not only pounds but please your eardrums;
I sit back and observe the whole scenery,
then nonchalantly tell you what it mean to me,
strictly business I'm quickly in this mood,
and I don't care if the whole crowd's a witness!
I'm a tear you apart but I'm a spare you a heart,
program into the speed of the rhyme, prepare to start,
rhythm's out of the radius, insane as the craziest
musical madness MC ever made, see it's
now an emergency, open-heart surgery...
open your mind, you will find every word'll be
furier than ever, I remain the furture,
battle's tempting...whatever suits ya!
For words the sentence, there's no resemblance,
you think you're ruffer, then suffer the consequences!
I'm never dying-terrifying results,
I wake ya with hundreds of thousands of volts,
mic-to-mouth resuscitation, rhythm with radiation,
novicane ease the pain it might save him,
if not, Eric B.'s the judge, the crowd's the jury...
How do I plead to homicide?
Lyrics of Fury!

they're getting furier! a fearified freestyle!

Sean Price, Deacon The Villian - Irrationally Speaking (prod by Domingo)

KY what gurrglin? Here's some fly underground shit from P featurin one of our good KY comrades, Deac the Ville from the Cunninlynguist!!! DIGGUMZ!!! Check the KY Worlwide Tech!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)


Realm Reality ft Prodigy - Grindmode Infamous

Prodigy's new signee can spit tho!!! The nigguh is funny lookin'.....but all these new cats are dumb ugly and funny lookin ANYWAYS....but HEY lol!!!! Check the tech, dude got bizanizzum!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

THROWBACK: Wu-Tang - Winter Warz

Cappadonna in Louisville KY blessin' the stage with Father Jah and a All-Star Cast of KY Hip Hopianz!!! DIGGUMZ!!! Check Tech Ya Hurb!!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

B.A.M. & M-Dot ft. Jaysaun, Nutso, Block McCloud, Blacastan,Chaundon, Tribeca & Shabaam Sahdeeq – Visionaries

Yoooooooooooooooo S/O to my Wu bredren, Block McCloud (who also appears on the Father Jah and D.R.U.G.S. Beats "Manuscripture" album!!!) as well as all the other superior MC's who tore this down str8 tuffskin wid the ill footage tho!!!! Check the Tech and peep the hapz!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)


THROWBACK ALERT MANE!!! I alwayz prefered this song for various reasons!!! lol!!! S/O my ninga P!!! Happy Black History month, even tho some of u cats let ur white buddies call u nigger on the lowski!!!! WORD!!! lmao, Chickin Tekken!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

DJ PREMIER- In France 2013 - "I love HIP HOP"

The great one showin off his Big Boy fonzi in France!!! Check the Technology!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

Butta The Legend - Komputer Thugz (video)

THIS is some REAL GAME bein sprinkled from my multi-talented comrade Butta The Legend produced by Father Jah!!! This is some extra G shit dedicated to those key smackin' murderers!!! Checko Techo!!!! - fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!)

Common - Freestyles on Sway in the Morning for Heather B

The brother Common goes freestyle off the L'flah L'flah Escosca beat!!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeh!!! Top of the D/O type shit, DIGGUMZ!!! Complete wid Cheif Keef S/O!!! Check the Techory- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)


Some of yall still ain't hip to THIS from Fatherama Blog's 2012 artist of the year!!!! Plus, it's directed by ASAP Rocky who did a excellent fuckin job , my ninga!!!! One of my faves......for various reasons lol - FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahhahaha!!!!)


S/O to my comrade The God 720, he's a funky, wild, boy to say the least!!!! WOW!!! His ism is strong tho!!!! Check the Technology!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahhahaha!!!!)

KIllwaukee Xperiment - (Fidel Acappella)

Hip Hop has traveled WORLWIDE and leaves no corner unturned....from the gutter to the mosque!!! S/O to my comrade Viva Fidel in Milwaukee!!!! DIGGUMZ!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

Saint Lyric -"The Level" (video)

Yoooooooooooooooo, dude got the fly, futuristic crushed jewelz on the right and exact, black!!!! Check the Technology!!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

Murs & Fashawn - 64' Impala (video)

This is some FLY West Coast story shit!!!! DIGGUMZ!!! Str8 bop off top!!!! Check the 64 Tech!!!! - fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Father Jah & D.R.U.G.S. Beats - ALBUM STREAM

You Can use the link below to purchase the entire album!!!
Father Jah & D.R.U.G.S. Beats | Manuscripture of the Father as Inspired By D.R.U.G.S. (Dope Real Under Ground Sh*t)

Curren$y - "Living For The City" (Official Video)

Dope new video from Curren$y!!!! Dude got that don't break ya neck to be commercial heat ya bitch!!!! Checko Techo!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

Real Talk the Metaphor Messiah - Unstopable (video)

What's GURRGLIN!!!! Here is the new video from one of my young hitterz/ comrades Real Talk!!!! Str8 Unstopable THEME MUSIC!!!! DiggyDIGGUMZ bruv!!! Be sure to check his "Jack of All Trades" mixtape AVAILABLE NOW.....AND IT'S FREE!!! Chicago and Louisville Wuddup Tho!!! - fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

Czarface ft. Ghostface Killah - Savagely Attack

The Wu-vment just gets STRONGER and STRONGER!!!! New 7L and Esoteric + Inspectah Deck = Czarface is AVAILABLE NOW!!! Check the Technology!!! - fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

Khaleel - Nobody Tryna Hear Ya (Prod. By DJ Premier)

Yoooooooooooo, nigguhz is SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPIN' on DJ Premier's Texas artist!!! DIGGUMZ!!! Khaleel is dumb nice, c'mon Preem let's push dude!!!! Nigguh, I'll help, put me on staff my G I'll start free of charge, DIGGUMZ!!! Check the Year Round Tech!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

Tragedy Khadafi, Miilkbone, Godilla, Red Eye & Blacastan – The Truth (Prod. by DJ Tray)

You know we rockz wid all things Tragavelli!!! This is a new tuff skin joint from Milkbone outta NJ featuring a cast of characters spewin gutter technology on em!!! No doubt I'm diggin this familation!!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)


D.O.H.-BragaDOHcio REDUX (Genocide's Daydream) prod. by Dr. Gonzo

THIS is what u call maniacally clawin' and manipulatin a beat my ninga!!!! My comrade DOHski got down on this jack.......str8 cold water and gasoline in the bathtub, hide ya dirty ass kids music!!! DIGGUMZ!!! Check the Tech!!!! AND YES this is the same DOH from "And Ya Know That" on the Father Jah and DRUGS Beats album AVAILABLE NOW!!! - fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

Meek DeMeo ft Ab-Soul - Hallucinogen

This is some weird shit, b/u/t it's kinda fly because I dig Ab-Soul!!!! kinda some abstract R&B nigguh joint, DIGGUMZ!!!! Check the technology bruv!!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHA!!!!)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Father Jah & D.R.U.G.S. Beats - Manuscripture of the Father as Inspired By D.R.U.G.S. (Dope Real Under Ground Sh*t)

For my comrades unable to wait on the itunes release later this week, HERE is the link where u can buy the NEW Father Jah and D.R.U.G.S. Beats album NOW!!! DIGGUMZ!!! Pull out ya credit cardery and checko techo!!!!

CLICK HERE to buy the album my ninga!!!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ghostface Killah ft Adrian Younge - The Rise Of The Ghostface Killah

Do I even need to tell you this is another CRAZY Wu-Year boppavelli!!! Get wid the Wuvment familation!!!! Undoubtably diggin on THIS!!!! WORD!!! Check the Shaolin Technology!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!)

Father Jah and D.R.U.G.S. Beats - NFL

What's Gurrglin SUPER SIZE my ninga is the NEW single off of Father Jah and D.R.U.G.S. Beats "Manuscripture" album, dedicated to the city of Louisville, KY!!! THIS is for all of my NFL (Nigguhz From Louisville) Superstar Playuhz, DIGGUMZ!!!! I'm talkin about our city thru the eyes of all the intelligent thugs, hustlers, macks, wrestlin' fans, mothers, fathers, and civilized people!!!! uh hu bruv!!! S/O to the team at Wu-Tang Management, and the Unstopable Sound Agency!!!! Salute the ILLERY as we turn the heat up!!!! Album available in stores NOW, album available online THIS TUESDAY!!! - fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!)

oh yeh, Better Days West and Underground Sounds in Louisville have LIMITED EDITION autographed copies of the "Manuscripture" album for sale NOW!!! Due to contractual agreements, digital outlets won't have the album until Tuesday!!! PLUS, this record was BANANAS in the club last night!!!  

for more info on the album, PEEP THIS!!!!

Bun B ft Big K.R.I.T. - Check The Sign

Is this off of that Nike Jordan shit? They seem to be puttin together somethin nice!!!! A Bun B and Kriter is always a safe play over my way!!! DIGGUMZ!!! Check the technology!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahaahah!!!)

50 Cent Ft. Kendrick Lamar & Kidd Kidd – We Up

Nice new mellow man type shit.....wait, did 50 say he build wid the Gods? lol, word then....interesting!!!!! Nice joint tho on the flyness truely!!! Check the tech!!!- fatherama (hahahahahahahahahah)


Friday, February 15, 2013

Kool Daddy Fresh - HAYSTACK DISS!!!

What's gurrglin my ningas? I 'm DUMB busy doin the promo for the "Manuscripture" alnum, b/u/t I HAD to make time to share THIS!!! Happy Black History month!!!! lol Check the expose' Technology!!! - fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!)


R.I.P. to the OG Bronx mack, Tim Dog!!! REAL SHIT!!! Penicillin On Wax, The Chorus Line, all the joint wid Kool Keith....Secret Fantasies, I fucked wid all that shit!!!! RIP!!!! Checko Techo!!!- fatherama

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Father Jah and D.R.U.G.S. Beats - AVAILABLE TODAY!!!!!

They are still processing the links but YES IT'S GURRGLIN TODAY, my ninga!!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

9th Wonder's Gladiator Beat Battle (video)

HERE is the footage of my comrade D.R.U.G.S. Beats SHUTTING DOWN the Gladiator Beat Battle!!!! What can I say, but DRUGS came in and had EVERYBODY GOIN CRAZY!!!! really. Father Jah and D.R.U.G.S. Beats album AVAILABLE TOMORROW!!!! - fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!)

Video streaming by Ustream


I'd be LIEIN' if I told u I wadn't addicted to THIS SONG!!!!! For those who never heard it I thought I would share it!!!! What's black history month anyways in 2013 with no Pimp C? Check the Tech MANE!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!)

Father Jah and D.R.U.G.S. Beats - When I'm Gone (video)

EVERYTHING, is gurrglin' Super Size, familation!!!! S/O to the entire family at Unstopable Sound Agency and Wu-Tang Management for the loyalty and attention given to the Father Jah and DRUGS Beats album!!! Tomorrow is the drop....what's a Valentine without a beat and a battle rhyme!!! I already posted this video, b/u/t due to a unhip, have not, flaggin my mackish manuscript it was taken down, but is now reposted AND reloaded!!!! Check Tech buddyrow lol- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahaha!!!!)

Oxygen ft. DR. Becket & Emskee - The Process

1 of my Intolerable Jerk bredren E.F. turned me on to this NICE ASS Boom Bap!!!! nicety my freind!!!! Check the ill technology!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fuck the Grammys!!!-CAM'RON LIVE IN CHICAGO 2-10-13

I knew I wadn't the only nigguh like fuck that Grammy shit lol!!! DIGGUMZ!!! Check on the killer Tech!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!)

Fred The Godson & The Heatmakerz - "The City" (video)

Dope flip of the S.Mills jerntery!!! DIGGUMZ!!! Fred laced this nice too tho!!! Checkola Techola!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

Jakk Frost Ft. Malik B – Black Mother (The Strength Of Betty Shabazz)

Str8 crushed jewels and spoiled titty milk rap, baby!!!! LOVIN' THIS!!!! Check the strong, black TECHNOLOGY!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

Here's the description!!!


12 days after the Father Jah and D.R.U.G.S. Beats album drops, I'll be linkin up wid one of my Wu comrades the one and only CAPPADONNA!!!! Guaranteed CLASSIC Guaranteed RAW!!!! Check the tech, stop and peep the set!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!)

Hip Hop Violin - Paul Dateh and inka one (video)

This is some of the BEAUTY in Hip Hop, my ninga!!!! S/O to the honorable Mani Festo for hippin me to this!!!! Somebody should freestyle to this joint, hmm...........CHECK TECH my G!!!!- fatherama (hahahahahaha)

Curren$y - Mary (video)

What's Gurrglin Compadre? How dare u unhipz sleep on the Young Spitta!!!! You like Lil B and dick ride Wayne, I prefer Curren$y, Str8 like that!!!! Big Tech Check manE!!!- FATHERAMA  (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

OH SH*T only 2 Days Til The Album DROPS (video)

"Manuscripture of the Father as Inspired by D.R.U.G.S. (Dope Real Under Ground Sh*t) available THIS THURSDAY!!! ps. I made the title so long so these WACK ASS NIGGUHZ couldn't bite OUR SH*T!!!!
Check the Technology!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!)

Redman ft. Runt Dog - EAST COAST

This is that cold blooded tuff skin Redmanism my ninga!!!! If this was 94' I would say him and his bruvu Runt Dawg caught wreck son!!!! lol!!! WORD!~!! This is dope tho!!!! BIG EAST what the drill tho!!! Check the technology droppin on ya noodle!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahaha!!!!)

J.Cole - Rise Above

And another Colevelli kickin crushed jewelry!!!! DIGGUMZ!!! This is fly tho, reminds me of some old Kanye my ninga!!! Check the Technology Gurrglin!!! - fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

J.Cole- Crunch Time

THIS IS DOPE!!!! I don't need to say anymore.....REAL SHIT!!!! Check the Technology!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!)

Outkast - Remixed by Woody's Produce

R.I.P. OUTKAST!!!! That's what it's startin to feel like, b/u/t this is ILL!!! Checko the technology bruv!!!!- fatherama(HAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHA!!!)


Black Rob - Made Me A Man (prod. by Buckwild)

I'm diggin on this new BR bop!!!! Ill, reflective, type shit!!!! The best Rob joint was always the joint wid Faith I think that was the first song on his first album, remember that? Yeeeeeeh, dude gets bizzinizum on them type jump offs!!!! Checko Techo, my ninga!!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

Monday, February 11, 2013

G.E.E.S.U.S. - Lullaby

Part of the Legacy AND the next generation Unstopable Sound Agency, GEESUS, shines thru wid the dumb heat on his NEW single "Lullaby"!!! For the unhipz, bruh is actually out of Detroit in is a Louisville transplant sprinklin' flyness!!!! Check the all the way live, illiotic, Technology!!!!- fatherama (HAHAHHAHAAHAHAHA!!!)

Krumb Snatcha - TAT CHI

Yoooooooooooooooo, this new bop from my bredren Krumb is PHENOMINAL SCIENTIFIC FLYNESS!!!! diggumz!!!! Crushed jewels str8 poppin and gurrglin from the 7!!! He took it from his days under Guru's Ill Kid records and runnin wid Gang Starr Foundation all the way to his current throne at Wu-Tang Management/Protect Ya Neck Records wid the big boss man , Mook!!!! DIGGUMZ!!!! This is bootlegable digital dope my ninga!!! Check the grown man Technology!!!!- FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!)

Shahkim - Rain or Shine

English Lesson C1 in full effect!!! PEACE to the True and Livin 7's!!! WORD!!! Check the science of life Technology!!!!- fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)