Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Big L's Brother Explains the Hold Up on Big L Project (pict/video)

DAMN G!!! The bizzy ness is FLAW, FLAW!!!! We need that ART tho!!! DIGGUMZ!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahaha!!!)

Rapper Big Pooh & Roc C - The Crew (video)

A dab of FRESHNESS, off of the "Trouble In the Neighborhood" project!!! DIGGUMZ!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahah!!!)

Krumb Snatcha - I Never Fail (prod. by Keith Science)

Truth, and Honesty, over som Boom Baptism, Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

PBS Special About People Getting Locked Up in Louisville, KY projects? (video)

YEP!!! That's our city, Bruv!!! They're saying MOST of the neighborhood has gone to jail? DAMNSKI!!! I smell CORRUPTION, familation!!! It's the Amerikkkan way!!! WORD!!! FREE DJ KITC!!! - fatherama

This the EVERYDAY deal when.....

Nas x Cookin Soul - SoulMatic (mixtape)

BEAUTIFUL Esconology, familation!!! INDEED!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahaahahahha!!!)

DJ Rhettmatic (Beat Junkies) on Soulselection Radio #172

BEAUTIFULLY, soulistic, FLY, Food......including some GROOVINESS from our comrade and brother D.R.U.G.S. Beats!!! Say WORD!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahaha!!!)

check the descript:

What an amazing session this was. To have a pioneer such as Rhettmatic of the legendary beat Junkies Crew grace us with a 50 minute set + an in depth interview, just validates how the pioneers and new generation are merging to come together as one; no ego. Rhett is definitely one of the most humble guests we've had on here and is more connected than anyone really knows. Do yourself a favor and get mentally prepared to learn a lot. It's much more than just music. Shouts to Rhettmatic, Mr. Choc, J. Rocc, and the rest of the Beat Junkies crew. Also, big big up to Free The Robots for coming through the studio and vibing with us. Much love to you & the whole Crosby crew. Stay tuned for much more to come. Enjoy.


The feminine side of struggle, my ninga!!! DIGGUMZ!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahah!!!)

Kool Keith f/ Prince Metropolis - Durant & Westbrook

Yoooooooooooooooooooooo.... it gets NO MORE than Kool Keith, Bruv!!! Str8 Next Level Buggery as ALWAYS X100 on the UnHipz and such!!! LMAO!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!)

Sadat X f/ Coremega - On Fire

The GROOVY side of NYC, god!!! WORD!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

Lil Boosie 1 hour Interview on Combat Jack (podcast)

Right on time for Boosie's Derby 2014 performance this weekend in Louisville, KY lol - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahaha)

Eminem Presents: Total Slaughter 1 Trailer (video)

THIS is gonna be BANANAS tho, my ninga!!! WOW!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

The UMC's - I Tried To Tell Ya

I feel em, kid!!!! THIS is NICE!!! WORD!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

check the descript:

"Get out, get out I don't love you... Get out get I don't" goes the hook from the UMC's 90's Hit single "Blue Cheese" Now after 20 years the UMC's return with a scathing single called "I Tried To tell Ya"
Taking a moment to readdress their own history, and the present state of Hip Hop music.

Kool Kim and Haas G have successfully crafted their own lanes as individual artists. Kool Kim resurfaced as NYOIL a few years ago and caused a frenzy on the internet with his controversial single "Ya'll Should Get Lynched". He has been able to maintain his relevancy in this new age of music. Haas G aka Fantom Of The Beat went on to produce hit singles for Ghost Face Killah "Apollo Kids", Lil Kim Ft. 50 Cent "Magic Stick" and much more. Now the Duo are back in the lab and se to release a new project, later this year.

Bas f/ J. Cole - My Nigga Just Made Bail

Exotic street BOP? YEP!!! This is Bugged out, B/U/T FRESH!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

Kurupt f/ Terrace Martin, Ill Camille, Jay Rock - Let Off

West Coast cats SMASHIN' DOWN, wid the RAW tho!!! This is SHARP!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahaha!!!)

Styles P f/ Vado - World Tour

You can manage the money, or let the money manage, my ninga!!! WORD!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

Rah Digga f/ Fabolous - See It In Your Eyes

Female rugged flow with the fly Boom Bippery, complemented by Fab!!! DIGGUMZ!!!- fatherama (hahahahahahahahahaha!!!)

Big K.R.I.T. - Mt. Olympus

Captivatingly cOLD......DAMNSKI!!!! Str8 BOP!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!)

Monday, April 28, 2014

DJ Khaled f/ JAY Z, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, French Montana - They Don't Love You No More

Oh.....They got death of Auto Tune Himself on a Auto Tuned Frenchie chorus? lol THIS is kinda GUSTO tho, my ninga.... for what it's worth!!! DIGGUMZ!!! Ewwwwwwwwwwww!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahaha!!!)


The younger Gods spittin' the 100, INDEED!!! WORD!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahaha!!!)

THROWBACK: Notorious BIG f/ Sadat X - Come on

R.I.P. Biggy and LONG LIVE the GREAT Sadat X, who INFLUENCED Biggy along with Kane and others!!! SALUTE!!! You can ALSO find Sadat X on the latest C-Rayz Walz album alongside Father Jah, and Maya Azucena on the track Super Saiyans (Super Lyric Hero) representin' and STILL puttin' in WORK!!! SALUTE!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!)

*Exclusive* Video Of Tupac's Original Book Of Rhymes (video)

DAMNSKI!!! R.I.P. Pac sh*t!!! WORD!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

Philthy Rich f/ J-Stalin, Pooh Hefner, 4Rax & Hitman Beats - Never Get Enuff

Yay area Mackin', my G!!!! WORD!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahah!!!)

THEME MUSIC: Jabril Power - F*ck The NCAA

Yoooooooooooooooooooooo!!! THIS is that DOPERY on the REAL, familation!!! lol, You know I don't watch ANY of that sports sh*t, ANYWAYS!!! This is the ILL out featuring Donald Sterling and Charles YEP!!! F*ck the NBA too, kid!!! I fux wid this HEAVY!!! lol - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahah!!!)

Meek Mill f/ Rick Ross - Off The Corner

I like this because they said they GRADUATED from the corner... WORD!!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahaha)

LadyKilla f/ Vegas Posada - Shadow of Your Smile (video)

SALUTE to ALL of the comrades over at Madd Militia!!! THIS is NICENESS off topery!!! SUPREME Vibe wid the REAL visualz!!! DIGGUMZ!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahah!!!)

Hus Kingpin f/ Marvelous Mag & Smoovth - Tuning In

Dumb Groovy Flyness, INDEED, courtesy of Hus and Company, my ninga!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahah!!!)

Blitz the Ambassador - Africa Is the Future

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh Sh*t!!!! My mouth FELL OPEN when I heard THIS!!!! THIS is the POWER of OUR ARTFORM, familation!!! SALUTE, to ALL the DOPE MC's in AFRICA!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

Da Brat - Fancy

39 year old female NICENESS on that ass, Bruv!!! WORD!!! lol - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!)

Lord Jamar Drops KNOWLEDGE on Snoop & Korean Fan in Blackface (video)

ALOT of un-diluted TRUTH, my G!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!)

Allen Poe & Monteleola - Symmetry & Shade (Free EP)

Str8 Hip Hop DOPERY, courtesy of our KY comrade wid the over seas link up!!! WORD!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!)

check the descript:
Though Symmetry & Shade is a 3 track concept EP, capturing the upside and hope a man feels at the start of a relationship, followed by the collapse of a failed relationship (Symmetry). The last track is grimey (Shade) and captures the dismayed reflections of the man who has relinquished himself to being obscure and alone and given up on love altogether, writing his experiences with love off as being a misunderstood man

Chris Read - Adidas Originals guest mix: "Unite All Originals" (mixtape)

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! CRAZY mixtape made up of Hip Hop records VS their original samples!!! MEAN!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

R.I.P. to DJ EZ Rock (pict)

Can't front we had some CLASSIC times to the Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock joints!!! WORD!!! OG's we gotta take care of our physical domains, familation!!! PEACE!!! - fatherama

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Livin Proof - Microphone Fiend / Paid In Full (video)

Old School Meets NOW School in the middle of the street!!! DIGGUMZ!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahah!!!)

50 Cent Talks Jimmy Iovine Saying He Doesn't Like Him & MORE (video)

You know......just the world according to 50 and such lol!!! Classic Fuck Em all juice!!!- fatherama (hahahahahahahahaha!!!)

Redman - Hammertime (video)

This is TuffSkin FUNKMODE, B/U/T me and my man's Festo want that Muddy Waters 2, my G!!! WORD!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahah1!!!)

Freddie Gibbs - G Like That

Gangsta Gibbs is workin' wid the Cally G-Sh*t to the fullest!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahaahahahahahahah!!!)

Nas - Half Man Half Amazin' Mix by DJ Moneyshot (podcast)

The CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY Illmatic Tribute, familation!!! Str8 JEWELRY!!! - fatherama (hahahahahhahahahahahah!!!)

Skyzoo and Torae - Blue Yankee Fitted (prod. by Illmind)

Str8 TuffSkin Hip Hop Deluxery!!!! YEP!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahah)

'Codeine Syrup' Taken Off the Market Due to Rappers? YEP!!! (audio)

Bye Bye Sizzurp!!! lol R.I.P. to the Pimp C, mane!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!)

Friday, April 25, 2014

Slum Village f/ Black Milk & Frank Nitt - We On The Go (prod. by Black Milk)

Right & Exact Detroit BANGERAMA, my ninga!!! WORD!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!)

Chuck D talks Ice Cube, N.W.A, Death of Hip Hop groups, & MORE!!! (video)

The Supreme Science on the GOVERNING of Hip Hop!!! Thank U, Mr. Chuck!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!)

THROWBACK: Masta Ace f/ Lord Digga - Saturday Night Live (video)

ThIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS OMG!!! I fux wid this DUMB HEAVY, kicko!!! My crew played the Masta Ace Slaughtahous tape on REPEAT!!!! INDEED!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!THIS was that Mixtape BOP in the late 90's, kid!!! S/O to the INC, my ninga!!! Eeeeeeeeeeee!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!)

DJ Premier Live From HeadQCourterz (04/11/2014) (podcast)

C'mon KNOW our favorite Hip Hop show!!! DIGGUMZ!!! PLUS, Pharoah Monch is in the house, familation!!! WORD!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahaahah!!!)

Prof. Griff Speaks On the Mimi Faust Sex tape (audio)

You KNOW the brother Griff cut NO Slack, my G!!! You can't hate on the fact that he's stressin' morality, rather you agree or disagree.....WORD!!! Although I WILL SAY that my pimpin' partner took the time to remind me that, HEY, there was even WHORIN' in the Bible, although, I won't call Mimi a hoe. lol - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahaha)

CLICK HERE to see what Mimi & Nikko had to say about the Sextape!!!

Mic Handz f/ FAME (M.O.P.) - DON'T GET STOMPED (video)

Str8 Gutter BANGER, wid NO Apologies, my G!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahah!!!)

Uncle Murda - Got You Open

Oh Sh*t!!! This is TuffSkin NYC Juice!!! Str8 TRUTH according to the Murda Man!!! DIGGUMZ!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahha)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Rapsody - Thank You Very Much (video)

Tell Rapsody that she's ALWAYS Welcome!!! Me and my son BOP This joint, cuzzy!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahah!!!)