Sunday, November 30, 2014

DJ Flipcyide & Wu-Tang Clan - Infinity (mixtape)

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! It's Wu-Tang Season out this Beyotch, kid!!! INDEED!!! PEACE, to our Universal family and ALL the Gods!!! Say WORD!!! I don't know WHATY cats expected the new Wu project, B/U/T THIS is that Firepower, my G!!! DAMNSKI!!! THIS is a DOPE glimpse into the NEW Wu-Tang album that drops THIS Tuesday 12-02-14!!! Say WORD!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

HI-TEK f/ BowWow (Shad Moss), Krayzie Bone & Bootsie Collins - Ohio Players (video)

OH-10 wid the widwest FRESHNESS, familation!!! DIGGUMZ!!! SALUTE to the trendsetters both seen and un-seen, my G!!! WORD to the Illiotic Fire Flippery!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

DJ Ready - The Native Tongues Mixtape

Oooooooooooooooh Sh*t!!! S/O to our brother and comrade, Dinco D. of LONS and ALL of the Native Tongues, INDEED!!! I gotta say, I didn't know the Fu-Shnickens were part of Native Tongues tho......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! I gotta ask Dinco about that one, kid...NOT shittin' on Chip Fu and crew AT ALL tho!!! I'd be liein' if I said that THIS ain't one of the ILLEST units EVER tho, my G!!! Jungle Brothers, A Tribe Called Quest, Leaders Of the New School, Black Sheep, Queen Latifah, Monie Love, De La Soul.....WOW!!!! Do the knowledge to 1 of the reasons the MFN golden era was so MFN GOLDEN!!! DIGGUMZ!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahahaah!!!)

1. DJ Ready Intro (feat. Common) [listen] download
2. A Tribe Called Quest – Award Tour [listen] download
3. Fu-Schnickens – True Fuschnick [listen] download
4. Queen Latifah – Latifah’s Had it up 2 here [listen] download
5. A Tribe Called Quest – Scenerio [listen] download
6. Black Sheep – The Choice is yours (revisted) [listen] download
7. Fu-Schnickens – La Schmoove [listen] download
8. Leaders Of The New School – Case of The P.T.A. [listen] download
9. Fu-Schnickens – What’s Up Do? (Can We Rock) (K-Cut’s Fat Trac Remix) [listen] download
10. Queen Latifah – I Can’t Understand [listen] download
11. A Tribe Called Quest – Footprints [listen] download
12. Queen Lafiah – Ladies First (feat. Monie Love) [listen] download
13. Monie Love – It’s A Shame (My Sister) [listen] download
14. Monie Love – Don’t Funk Wit The Mo [listen] download
15. De La Soul – Me Myself & I [listen] download
16. Queen Latifah – Dance For Me [listen] download
17. Leaders Of The New School – Trains, Planes, and Automobiles [listen] download
18. Deee-Lite – Groove Is In The Heart (feat. Q-Tip) [listen] download
19. FU-Schnickens – Breakdown [listen] download
20. A Tribe Called Quest – Electronic Relaxation [listen] download
21. A Tribe Called Quest – Baby Phife’s Return [listen] download
22. Black Sheep – North South East West [listen] download
23. Da Bush Babees – S.O.S. feat. Mos Def [listen] download
24. Common – Soul By The Pound [listen] download
25. Black Sheep – Have U.N.E. Pull [listen] download
26. De La Soul – Stakes is High [listen] download
27. Jungle Brothers – How Ya Want We Got It (Native Tongues Remix) [listen] download
28. Jungle Brothers – Brain (Refugee Camp Mix) [listen] download
29. Common – Resurrection [listen] download
30. Common – Retrospect for Life (feat. Lauryn Hill) A Tribe Called Quest – Bonita Applebum

Ray West & John Robinson - Thinker Girl (video)

The FLY GROOVINESS for the intelligent girls and such!!! Say WORD!!! Str8 Berry!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

P3 & Ampichino f/ AR Deville - Don't Ask Me

Str8 laced up game from the left coast, familation!!! DOPE!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!)

Saturday, November 29, 2014

DJ Deadeye, Redman & Runt Dawg Present: Sour Power 2 (mixtape)

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!! Str8 Raw, Ruggedness, from the MFN Gilla!!! DIGGUMZ!!!! SALUTE to DJ Deadeye who'll be in Louisville, KY on 1-13-2015 rockin' out wid Termanology!!! WORD!!! THIS is that firepower, goonery, for the metro, familation!!! INDEED!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

Sa-Roc - The Girl Who Could Fly II (prod. Sol Messiah)

God Hop cosmic exoticz to ELEVATE!!! DIGGUMZ!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!)

J-PhunQ f/ Diamond Star Russell - Moment (video)

ILLIOTIC Dopery, from some of our Cin City comrades!!! DIGGUMZ!!! We Fux wid this TUFF, familation!!! INDEED!!! Can't wait to work wid both J-Phunq & Diamond!!! WORD!!! #UndergroundTalentWithTheMFNPassion - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!)

Friday, November 28, 2014

Termanology Holiday SHOUT OUT (video)

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!! Str8 BUGGIN' wid Termanology!!! DIGGUMZ!!! DO REMEMBER The Kentucky Hip Hop Society will have Termanology & DJ Deadeye in Louisville on 1-13-15 performing alongside some of Kentucky's ILLEST, including Father Jah, Vegas Posada & Lady Killa, Manifesto, DJ Bree, G2NL Entertainment, Andrew Jack$on, Royal Illness, Donnie McFly, The Grand Incredible ONE, and DJ E.F. Cuttin'!!! WORD!!! THIS will be a GUARANTEED CLASSIC event for those that enjoy lyrics, boom bap, and nin-commercial MFN Hip Hop!!! DIGGUMZ!!! Cee u in the place 2 Be on 1-13-15, familation!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

De La Soul f/ Chuck D - The People

We are NOT the WORLD......B/U/T we ARE the PEOPLE!!! DIGGUMZ!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Wu-Tang Clan: Ruckus in B Minor LIVE on Letterman (video)

What can I say B/U/T, Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! Hardcore, Wu Freshness, wid the act commited Right & Exact!!! DIGGUMZ!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahaahahahahah!!!)

BIGREC f/ R.A. The Rugged Man - The Dumb Out (video)

EWwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! Our comrades ripped the MFN stuffin' outta THIS joint!!! DIGGUMZ!!! PLUS, our brother, Deacon the Villian of CunninLyguist directed video on some NICENESS!!! Can't forget, production by the GREAT Diamond D!!! WORD!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahhahahaha!!!)

Royce Da 5’9″ & DJ Premier: Raiders Of The Lost Art Pt.2 (video)

DAMNSKI!!! I'm on the edge of my seat, my G!!! THIS is gonna be NUTS, familation!!! INDEED!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahaahah!!!)

Jagged Edge f/ GhostFace Killa - Getting Over You (RMX)

Break Up music wid the soul, kicko!!! Say WORD!!! Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

Wu-Tang Clan - A Better Tomorrow

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! THIS is the title track BOP taken off the NEW Wu album droppin' on December the 2nd!!! WORD!!! Divine Science from our Wu-Tang Family, INDEED!!! PEACE to the Gods, Earths, and Civilized people, WORLDWIDE, familation!!! THIS is BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm glad Raekwon became a part of this project, and my G, Cappadonna seems EXXXTRA SHARP on this album!!! SALUTE!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Apollo Brown & Ras Kass f/ Sean Price - Impossible Dream

The relaxed BOP wid the SHARPNESS, kicko!!! DIGGUMZ!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!)

DJ Premier's Bars in the Booth - Bumpy Knuckles (video)

Str8 RUFF Bars from one of the ONLY MC's worth lookin' up to!!!! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! You know the cat that put that strap up to Birdman's head? YEP!!!! That dude!!! Sh*t is REALER than u THINK, of course!!! SALUTE, to Preamo & the OG Freddie Foxxx wid the MFN burn marks from the twin glocks!!! DIGGUMZ!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahhahaah!!!!)

Skyzoo - PVLG Freestyle

Str8 groovy FLYNESS, courtesy of the Brooklyn native claimin' his top 3 status!!! WORD!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahaha!!!)

ASAP Ferg - Talk It

The World according Ferg!!! Missouri....they keep up in misery...DIGGUMZ!!! THIS is NICENESS, my G!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Chris Rock & ?uestlove on Juan Ep!!! (podcast)

Entertainment meets Thought, my G!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahaah!!!)

Tink - Tell The Children (Prod. Timbaland)

Str8 TRUTH fromn the feminine factor!!! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! We're LOVIN' this joint!!! Do the knowledge!!! WORD!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahah!!!)

Diamond D f/ Pete Rock - Only Way 2 Go (video)

There's ONLY 1 way to go, my G!!! Str8 BOP!!! 2 of the ILLEST producers on the mic funessin', familation!!! THIS is that DOPENESS, no doubt!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahah!!!)

Lord Jamar: They Thought We Would Just go eat Turkey? (video)

The physical acts are TRULY a reflection of the mind state!!! This is that TRUE wisdom, INDEED!!! Old men for council, young men for WAR!!! Say WORD!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!)


You seen the INJUSTICE in Ferguson last night, kid!!! DIGGUMZ!!! So u already already KNOW what the order of the day is, my G!!! Power to the People, and it's more discust than surprise at this move by the system of racism/white supremacy!!! INDEED!!! FTP, familation!!! To my people in Missouri, we cee & feel u!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!)

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Cataly$t f/ Sadat X - Champion Music

BX BANGER wid the GREAD Dot X!!! DIGGUMZ!!! This is that ILL East Coast juiced, pourd up FRESH, my G!!! INDEED!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

check the descript:
Following his debut single In House Music Group LLC, Recording Artist CATALY$T releases his new Bronx anthem featuring the legendary - SADAT X of Brand Nubian...

Download Available 1/2015 exclusively off
(#R2L - The Mixtape)

MJ f/ GLC & Twista - Family First (Prod. ADOTHEGOD)

Because we must assist each other in our righteous endevors, INDEED!!! FOE!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahah!!!)

Monday, November 24, 2014

PARIS - Night of the Long Knives (video)

Because VIOLENCE might just be the ONLY language Amerikkka Understands, INDEED!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahahah)

DJ Premier's Live From HeadQCourterz (09/26/2014) (podcast)

STILL our FAVORITE MFN Hip Hop show, familation!!! INDEED!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahahhaha!!!)

Mark Ronson f/ Mystikal - Feel Right (audio/video)

Good to cee the brother Mystikal in action tho!!! DIGGUMZ!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

THROWBACK: Kid Capri Live At The Building, 1990 (audio)

Ooooooooooooh Sh*t!!! If you've NEVER seen a show by the UNFUCKWIDABLE Kid Capri then ya life ain't RIGHT, kid!!! DIGGUMZ!!! Timeless Hip Hop wid a splash of R&B done RIGHT!!! SALUTE to Stretch & Bobbito for breakin' out THIS tape!!! Wait to u cee what I pull out tho!!! hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! lol - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!)

DJ Jaycee - Live From The Planet Neptune (the mixtape)

Rocket MFN Fuel from the planet, Neptune? INDEED!!! DJ Jaycee murked the mix, my G, u can't front!!! DIGGUMZ!!! SALUTE to Neptunes on creatin' their OWN world!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

Caught Out There
Knock Yourself Out
Work It Out
Cross The Border
The Funeral
Blue Magic
What Happened To That Boy feat. The Clipse
Rock Star
Never Look Back
Rock Your Body
U Don't Have To Call
There She Goes
Hollaback Girl
Excuse Me Miss Again
I'm Serious
Theme From Fat Albert
Fatty Girl
Shake Ya Ass
Wait A Minute feat. Lil' Kim
Number One feat. Kanye West
I'm A Slave 4 U
Let's Get Blown feat. Pharrell
Like I Love You
Wanna Love You Girl
Universal Mind Control
Everyone Nose
I Ain't Heard Of That feat. Bun B & Pharrell

Rihanna A** Twerking In Barbados (2014) (video)

Ummmmmmm..... Oh My sayeth the Father!!! lol Late night thirst trap, my G!!! lol - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

Tink f/ Charlamagne Tha God - Round The Clock

What can I say, besides I TOLD U that Timbaland's new female artist is a MFN FACTOR!!! WORD!!! This is str8 BOP!!! WORD!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

check the descript:

I spoke highly about Tink during my interview with Power 105.1′s , The Breakfast Club saying “Her album is probably one of the best albums I did since [Aaliyah's] One in a Million,”. Somehow this track surfaced call "Around the Clock" featuring Charlamangne Tha God, of the Breakfast Club. Learn more about Tink at

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sean Price X Lord Digga - At New Sh*t

Ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!! 2 of our favo's wid the RUFF, Rugged, DOPE, loosie JUICE!!! DIGGUMZ!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!)

Treach f/ Hus Kingpin - Bonez Bent

Out the blue FLY collabo, familation!!! WORD!!! Who's the second verse tho? The producer? Treach? Me Nah Know!!! NICE track tho!!! DIGGUMZ!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahah!!!!)

check the descript:
The new collaboration, "Bonez Bent," from Treach of the legendary Naughty By Nature and fast-rising upstart Hus Kingpin will be featured on the upcoming debut album (2015) from Croatian producer RawLand.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sindian - 4 Life

FRESH Boom Bip DELUXERY wid the Splash of FLYNESS, by the triple O God-Is (goddess)!!! SAY WORD!!! Str8 Earth, Wind & MFN Fire strapped wid elements be the science!!! DIGGUMZ!!! Right & Exact wid the female RUGGED sh*t, INDEED!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

A$AP Twelvyy - Glock Rivers (video)

No dresses, No Bone Thugs, No Down South Beat.......just GRIMEY ass NYC, my G!!! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! THIS is TUFF!!! Word to the comrade Jon Woo on the get hips!!! SALUTE!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!)

Swiss - Nigger? (video)

Racism/White Supremacy is a WORLDWIDE problem, INDEED!!! Other than bein' HEAVY, this is a COLD joint!!! Say WORD!!! SALUTE to our bredren, John Doemain in Ecuador for hippin' me to THIS!!! Oh Yeh, Unstopable Sound Agency is WORLDWIDE, kid!!! DIGGUMZ!!! THIS is that REALISM!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Nappy Roots f/ Scotty ATL - Deep End

Skinny & Scotty jumpin' on the MFN Deep End on these Un-Hipz, my G!!! WORD!!! This is Southern Soul platter food for the familation!!! DIGGUMZ!!! SALUTE, to our comrades over Nappy Roots, INDEED!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

Black Milk & I.O.D. on #NW3Radio with Peter & Dharmic (podcast)

Str8 QUALITY Hip Hop, PLUS a interview wid one of our FAVORITE Now School producers, familation!!! DIGGUMZ!!! I don't know about the corny interviewers at certain points tho, But HEY, to each his own!!! lol Illiotic Show tho!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

PRhyme (DJ Premier & Royce Da 5'9”) - PRhyme (video)

December 2015 is gonna be DOPE!!! The NEW albums from Wu-Tang, PRhyme, Termanology, & Ghostface? Say WORD!!! This NEW video from Royce & Preamo is TREACHEROUS, familation!!! DAMNSKI!!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

Flyinglotus f/ MF DOOM - Masquatch

The brother DOOM, servin' up the exotic finger food on these hoes!!! lol - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!)

J.R.Writer - Live From Watertown f/ Cassidy (Freestyle From Jail)

24/7 regular sh*t wid the goonies on the yard, my G!!! DIGGUMZ!!! FREE Writer!!! - fatherama (hahahahaaahahahahahah!!!)