Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Chris Rock & ?uestlove on Juan Ep!!! (podcast)

Entertainment meets Thought, my G!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahaah!!!)

Tink - Tell The Children (Prod. Timbaland)

Str8 TRUTH fromn the feminine factor!!! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! We're LOVIN' this joint!!! Do the knowledge!!! WORD!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahah!!!)

Diamond D f/ Pete Rock - Only Way 2 Go (video)

There's ONLY 1 way to go, my G!!! Str8 BOP!!! 2 of the ILLEST producers on the mic funessin', familation!!! THIS is that DOPENESS, no doubt!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahah!!!)

Lord Jamar: They Thought We Would Just go eat Turkey? (video)

The physical acts are TRULY a reflection of the mind state!!! This is that TRUE wisdom, INDEED!!! Old men for council, young men for WAR!!! Say WORD!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!)


You seen the INJUSTICE in Ferguson last night, kid!!! DIGGUMZ!!! So u already already KNOW what the order of the day is, my G!!! Power to the People, and it's more discust than surprise at this move by the system of racism/white supremacy!!! INDEED!!! FTP, familation!!! To my people in Missouri, we cee & feel u!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!)

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Cataly$t f/ Sadat X - Champion Music

BX BANGER wid the GREAD Dot X!!! DIGGUMZ!!! This is that ILL East Coast juiced, pourd up FRESH, my G!!! INDEED!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

check the descript:
Following his debut single In House Music Group LLC, Recording Artist CATALY$T releases his new Bronx anthem featuring the legendary - SADAT X of Brand Nubian...

Download Available 1/2015 exclusively off
(#R2L - The Mixtape)

MJ f/ GLC & Twista - Family First (Prod. ADOTHEGOD)

Because we must assist each other in our righteous endevors, INDEED!!! FOE!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahah!!!)

Monday, November 24, 2014

PARIS - Night of the Long Knives (video)

Because VIOLENCE might just be the ONLY language Amerikkka Understands, INDEED!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahahah)

DJ Premier's Live From HeadQCourterz (09/26/2014) (podcast)

STILL our FAVORITE MFN Hip Hop show, familation!!! INDEED!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahahhaha!!!)

Mark Ronson f/ Mystikal - Feel Right (audio/video)

Good to cee the brother Mystikal in action tho!!! DIGGUMZ!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahah!!!)