Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Prince Metropolis Known - Kill Bill (album stream)

Ooooooooooh Sh*t!!!! THIS is that Str8 BUGGED OUT, F*ck the System ALL DAY flow, kid!!! DAMNSKI!!! Cold Whilin' Out from the school of Kool Keith, meets Gangsta NIP, meets Public Enemy, and BEYOND!!! F*ck FOX, familation!!! Maaaaaaaaaaaaane!!! S/O to ALL the Creative F*cks!!! WOW!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahhaha!!!!)

check the descript:
Recorded in a Bronx based crack & hoes spaceship "Kill Bill" is an unknown object of controversy...The Metropolis controversy #TMC. Keep away from kids and co-workers, this is absolutely #NSFW

The Man turned rapping lion who brought you the underground jewels "Rape The Pope", "Anorexia" and "Jimmy Iovine"... branded "Hottest Rapper in NYC" by Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sound and revealed on Kool Keith's "Magnetic Pimp Force Field", "Demolition Crash" and "Total Orgasm" albums.. is back with his "Kill Bill" (free) mixtape including the hit songs "Tammy Bruce" or "Eardrum Torture" to name a very few (...)

Prince Metropolis Known Supports The Left Wing Agenda!

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