Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Father Jah - Cut Me In or Cut It Out (mixtape)

Here is a FREE download and stream of the Father Jah street mixtape CLASSIC "Cut Me In or Cut It Out"!!!! For the unhipz of the universe, this joint features production by Lil Jon, Rocwilder, J-Praize (who did 50 Cent's "Wanksta"), Solo, Native and more as well as bars via Skinny DeVille of Nappy Roots, Digital Black of Playa, Hot Boy Chilly (formerly of Cash Money), KD, Donnie McFly, Shon D., Messiah, B'TT K'nK'D (of the Mudd Nigguhz), Butta The Legend, Soul Factory, and more!!!! The lyrics on this project are defective hand grenade type dangerous and set a bar so high that very few locally, regionally, or nationally can claim honestly to surpassed it. For all those who have purchased this and lost it (or had it stolen!!!! lol) consider this a love offering familation (YES, This is the CD wid "Gorilla Milk"), WORD!!!! DIGGUMZ!!! For my up and comers, consider this a brief lesson in why some nigguhz will always be saluted with NO compromise, and NO need for radio bafoonery!!!! WORD!!! S/O to every head who contributed to make this project the PROOF that Louisville, KY home of the first rap inspiration, Muhammad Ali, could produce unique word technicians with a fly over standing of Hip Hop culture!!!! Thank You Kool Herc......for REAL!!! SALUTE!!! Why others locally tried to jump on Nappy Roots "country rap" style, we produced THIS!!!! Not dissin' ANYBODY, because I fuck with EVERYBODY, b/u/t let this CD be the proof family!!! Oh yeh, and don't forget to fasten your seat belt for the Father Jah and D.R.U.G.S. Beats album amplifying into YOUR Ear Drumz 2-14-13.....and check the "Manuscripture of the Father As Inspired By D.R.U.G.S. (Dope Real Under-Ground Sh*t)" TECHNOLOGY!!!!! - FATHERAMA (hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!)


1. Gorilla Milk

2. Choppin Immaculate Game (Freestlye)

3. S.O.D. (produced by Rocwilder)

4. What’s Up, What’s Up ft. Solo Lamaze (produced by Solo)

5. The Freestyle Experience

6. Bad Nigguh ft. Donnie McFly, Shon D. (produced by Father Jah)

7. What U Want (produced by J-Praize)

8. The Freestyle Experience 2 ft. Big Dre, Kevelen X

9. Stylin, Profilin ft. B’tt K’nK’d aka Butta Kinkaid (produced by Father Jah)

10. The Freestyle Experience 3 ft. Dr. Mosiah Sun Tzu

11. Talk it Like I Talk It (produced by Solo and Father Jah)

12. The Freestyle Experience 4 ft. Donte of MOOD, King Solomon, Donnie McFly, That Nigga Ryn

13. I’m A Problem (produced by DJ Bree)

14. Wooh, Hey!!! ft. Shon D. (produced by Taylor MAYD)

15. Head To The Sky, Chest To The Mind (produced by Father Jah)

16. Better Than the Father ? Acapella Diss Joint

17. On The Map (produced by Solo)

18. Go Getta ft Q, Nappy Roots, Taylor Mayd (produced by Lil Jon)

19. The Freestyle Experience 5

20. I’m from KY ft. KD, Digital Black of Playa, Komitiee, Hot Boy Chilly (formerly of Cash Money)

21. The Mountain Top (getting shot) ft. Blitz, Switch Blade, HP


23. Musical Revolution ft. Soul Factory (produced by E.T.)

24. Deal Witcha ft . A1, Butta the Legend (produced by Native)

25. Fa Sho ft. Donnie McFly, Ms. Dee

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