Thursday, June 4, 2015

THROWBACK: Sean D, Hen X, Cousteau, Crash DDZ, I-9, Wreck D Mic, La Chill, Steph B & Grand Incredible O N E - Freestyle

Yooooooooooo.....You can't FRONT, my G!!! THIS is my squad gettin' busy 20 MFN years ago, familation!!! Can u say pioneer juice? Say WORD!!!  R.I.P. to Choc, and Long Live Dem Nigguhz/YaBoyNem, kid!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeh!!! SALUTE to WHOEVER it was that posted this JEWEL.......Mane!!! Young fatherama aka Father Jah aka Hen X the Stile on the beat too.....WOW!!! Actually the Weeeeeewooooooh sound in the background is a sample of ME singing (TRUE tho!!!) SALUTE to ALL my bredren on the track, and all of the people that have supported our movement for OVER 20 years.....Sh*t!!! #UnstopableLife we been Hip Hop!!! lol - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

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