Friday, June 5, 2015

Min. Farrakhan Spits TRUTH on the Breakfast Club 6-5-2015 (video)

THIS is a BEAUTIFUL manifestation of knowledge, wisdom, & understanding from the OG (Older God), Minister Farrakhan!!! Say WORD!!! We were JUST with Min. Farrakhan a few monthes ago and he was tellin' us about his album, and even let us HEAR a cut and cee a video......WOW!!! Rick Ross, Snoop, Stevie Wonder, & MORE are involved, and we got to chop game wid Jay Electronica, GLC, Viva Fidel, and a few more of our comrades!!!! MANE!!! Unforgettable!!! THIS is full of jewelry on ALOT of levels!!! DIGGUMZ!!! APDTA Still, familation!!! WORD!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahhahahaha!!!)

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