Monday, January 20, 2014

Father Jah - Martin Luther King (Guns & Jordans)

THIS is the 14kt REAL!!! There's sooooooooooooooo much I could say about this record......B/U/T I think I said majority of it in the song, my G!!! SALUTE to the REAL MLK, not the guy that the media has redesigned as an Amerikkkan icon lol!!! If you ONLY understand MLK from the way he's taught in the school system, then you would EASILY understand why the youth felt it was appropriate to throw the MLK "Twirk Fest" or whatever, WORD!!! "Sh#t is realer than u think, you nigguhz must be slow" the Honorable Fat Joey Crack once said!!! Do the science!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!)

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