Monday, January 20, 2014

The BIGGEST Disappointment of 2013.....

Yoooooooooooooooo, I know MOST Hip Hop sites and blogs are probably gonna name some EXTRA CORNY sh#t, B/U/T the biggest wackness about 2013 was there was little to NO Jay Elect on deck.......WORD!!! It's great that he's signed to the Roc and that he's dating a billionaire white chick, B/U/T what about the MFN music? It's still PEACE to the G/O/D INDEED, yet I must ask "Who gonna spit that Ramo on the train track?", my ninga!!! WORD!!! I'm just sayin, Bruv!!! Not to mention the fact that Kanye and Jay have obviously ran with the 5%, I am God, Spiritual, Plus Degree MCin' themes and ran with them.......although NOT to the finish line. C'mon JACK!!! In our Supreme Math the numeral 7 represents God.....which means that 14 is DOUBLE God, so I'm expectin' all the G's to go DOUBLE hard this year!!! Hip Hop needs that album, familation!!! WORD!!! - fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahahaha)

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