Wednesday, January 15, 2014

REALITY CHECK: Local Vs.Worldwide!!!

OF COURSE we work the streets, hoods, and blocks, B/U/T we keep that STRONG, WORLDWIDE, internet movement PROGRESSIVELY in MFN Effect too, familation!!! S/O to ALL the heads around the universe who peep, support, and rock wid Unstopable Sound Agency, Father Jah, the blog, and Underground Hip Hop in general!!! Thank You to all the DOPE ASS artists who submit to the Blog too....there IS NO SUCH THING as a dope site without DOPE MFN artists!!! I had a convo with a "local" radio DJ last year about what is "local".......shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, I've come to the conclusion that RADIO is LOCAL.....while as artists we must be GLOBAL, regardless, to prosper in this era. DIGGUMZ!!! Take that free jewelry and rock wid it.....2014 is gonna be a HUGE year!!!! WORD!!! Since a picture is a worth a THOUSAND words, take this flick as a small illustration of what I'm sayin......YEP!!! Long Live Hip Hop, the CULTURE continues on!!! Many Many Many THANKS to my Wu-Tang brothers as well, cuzzy!!!- fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahah!!!)

The REAL JEWEL is: Don't allow others to dictate YOUR reality.  

NOW take a look at SOME of the people we've been workin' with:

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