Monday, January 6, 2014

FNM presents "Do It Like its 1983" (B-Boy mixtape)

Oooooooooooooooooh Sh#t!!! I grew up on THIS, kicko!!! WORD!!! To any of my YOUNG producers, FLIP some of THIS sh#t for me, my G!!! WORD!!! Crazy Electro, Breakdance THROWBACK juice!!! - fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAQHAHAHAHAHAH!!!)

check the descript:

this is the music that started it all for me back in the 80ies..i only put Hits in here because that was underground enough for us kids back then (and also hard to get)..some tracks might be from another year but thats ok...C.O.D, Freeez, Africa Bambataa, Hashim, Newcleus, Shannon, Man Parrish, Midnight Star, L.A.Dream Team, Der Mer, Charlie etc etc.. i recorded this mix live after the live Set from Egyptian Lover last month..excuse the skipping of the needle when i tried to scratch ;)..the mixer was not very good and i had problems with the fader..forgive me for not editing the is live ..i hope its ok for the artists to share this amazing music

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